You got ready for your long-awaited romantic date, the one that your boyfriend promised you weeks ago, it seems that everything is going well and you think that you will spend a splendid night, but suddenly you notice that your partner is not ready to go out yet and that is not you can leave without first finishing that important “call of duty” mission and before you know it, you have already lost an entire hour. Dear friend, it seems that video games have taken over your evening and even more so, your boyfriend’s time. You are before a true «gamer».

For those who do not know the term «gamer», it refers to those people addicted to video games and who dedicate at least five hours of their time to them, developing a great interest and knowledge about their history, isolating themselves from this way of reality, entering that fictional world.

How to detect a “gamer” man? Well, perhaps this may sound a bit absurd to many, who would associate this term exclusively with children, however, there are a large number of women who have to deal with a man addicted to video games. This mostly affects young couples, if this is your case, today you will learn to decipher those signs that will detect how «gamer» your boy is and how to deal with him.

First of all, your boyfriend knows and talks a lot about video games, often more than he should and in a language you don’t even understand. On the other hand, you don’t mind spending the last penny out of your pocket to buy that latest version of your favorite video game, as well as dedicating so many hours to them every day, to the point that you prefer to spend time with your video game console. games than with you and not pay attention to what you say, since your concentration is exclusively focused on defeating the enemy of the opposite side.

In this sense, and if you have detected all these characteristics in your boy, you can be sure that your boyfriend is a true «gamer». Now for the hard part, how should I deal with this? On many occasions, this addiction to this fictional world may be due to problems of emotional emptiness. On the other hand, in his mildest case, it is just a form of entertainment for him. You must learn to differentiate which is the case of your boy to know how to act.

If it is an addiction, it is best to talk about why video games are so important to him, listen to him and tell him how it makes you feel and how this affects your relationship, but you should not judge him. In the same way and as a strategy, they can do another activity so that both can join and enjoy. If, on the other hand, this represents just a «hobby» for him, give yourself the opportunity to share and respect his tastes, remember that just like him, you also have yours, such as shopping.