is tsfwctrl.exe? – Process/file: tsfwctrl.exe


File/archive: tsfwctrl.exe
Process/task name: tsfwctrl.exe

The process and file tsfwctrl.exe may be a malicious program, given the little information about this process on the Internet.

Although it can also be a process that is used for logical access to disk drives.

But to be safe, it is recommended to clean the computer using an antivirus and/or online antivirus with the system in Safe Mode.

Do you want to know if tsfwctrl.exe is a virus or malware? See: Is tsfwctrl.exe a virus?

Errors or problems with the tsfwctrl.exe file? Write to us and we will reply as soon as possible. IMPORTANT: remember to say the version of your operating system, the time and/or place where the error appears, and any other information that you think is relevant to help find the solution.

tsfwctrl.exe could be a malicious process. Malicious processes or files often use familiar program names to go unnoticed.

To find out if tsfwctrl.exe is a virus, review these tips:
Is tsfwctrl.exe a malicious program?

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