Is hkcmd.exe a virus or malware? (Intel Hotkey command activator)

• File/task: hkcmd.exe (Intel Hotkey command activator)

To find out whether or not the hkcmd.exe file is a malware, try the following.

• Online analysis of the hkcmd.exe file:

First find the hkcmd.exe file on your hard drive. You can use the tool to find Windows files. Once located, you can use an Online File Analyzer.

What it will do is analyze the hkcmd.exe file with dozens of antiviruses at the same time, delivering the result of each of these.

If you ever find out that it is a virus, do the following:

Scan the computer with an antivirus installed on your computer, also with an online antivirus (see: Online Antivirus) and with some antispyware (see: Free Antispyware). You should do this with Windows in Safe (Safe) Mode, as it is easier to remove malware this way. See article: Enter Windows in Safe Mode.

• Check the program associated with the hkcmd.exe file:

Another possibility is to identify which function or which application the process or file is related to. hkcmd.exe.

For this we have the following information about this process: hkcmd.exe is the process and file named Intel Hotkey command activator, which is usually installed together with Intel multimedia devices, allowing its configuration and diagnosis. Probably…

To see the complete information about this file, go to this link: process hkcmd.exe

• If you still have questions or errors related to the hkcmd.exe file:

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