The inverted triangle body It is the one that has a “V” shaped silhouette. It is characterized by having broader shoulders than the hips and poorly defined curves. Many women have this type of figure, and knowing how to dress it is key to successfully wearing all their outfits. if you have inverted triangle bodyTake a look at the tips below to learn what to wear to make the most of your figure. Read to the end!

How is the silhouette of the inverted triangle body?

As we already mentioned, to know exactly what a inverted triangle body it is best to visualize a letter “V”. That is, wider at the top and smaller at the bottom. Well, these are some of its specific characteristics:

  • The shoulders and back are the widest part of the body.
  • Medium bust, but can also be large.
  • The hips and buttocks are narrower.
  • Waist is poorly defined
  • legs are skinny

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What should you do when dressing if you have an inverted triangle body?

Before moving on to the specifics of what to wear when dressing your inverted triangle bodythere are some general tips that will help you make your body look better.

find a balance: Body shape is based almost entirely on your bone structure, not your weight. Wear your outfit to balance your shoulders, bust, waist, and hips.

Set a focal point: Use lines to focus the eye where you want it to go. Mark your waist, so you can create curves, lengthen or emphasize your favorite parts of your body. Bottoms will help balance your silhouette.

color and texture: Use light colors, thick fabrics and volume. Your eye is also drawn to bright, light colors and patterns more than solid black or navy blue. Keep this in mind when choosing combinations.

What should you wear if you have an inverted triangle body?

If you identify with the characteristics of an inverted triangle silhouette, let’s see what you should wear to show off your body better. We will tell you what are those clothes that should not be missing in your wardrobe and what you should avoid.

Inverted Triangle Body Shirts

The goal is to divert attention from the widest part of our silhouette: the shoulders and back. Therefore, you have to let the neckline and hips steal the limelight.

V neck: Blouses, tops and t-shirts with a V-neckline or “V” both front and back. These open up the chest to create a long, elongated neckline.

peplum: This cut is very flattering for this type of silhouette, as it helps simulate an hourglass shape.

crossed necklines: help to mark the waist.

Suspenders: These make the neckline and collarbones the focal point. Make sure they are not so fine, as it can achieve the opposite effect to what we are looking for.

Jackets if you’re an inverted triangle

Look for pieces that add volume near your hips to help balance your frame.

Until the hip– Creating structure from the shoulders to the waist, makes the top half look more even.

Short: A shorter hem helps draw the eye to the waist.

Belted– As with cropped styles, longer belts also accentuate the waist.

Jeans and pants for an inverted triangle figure

We must remember that choosing garments in the lower part is about adding volume and curves to better balance the figure.

Archa leg pants: This type of leg will help balance your shape. It will create an «X» shape, to simulate the hourglass body.

jean style boyfriend: This loose style creates curves around the hips and thighs making them appear wider.

Flared Jean: This slimmer cut helps to balance shoulders.

Jeans and straight pants: While skinny jeans exaggerate your shape, these jeans balance it out.

Patterned pants– Whether big or small, patterns and prints draw the eye to the bottom. Large prints have a volumizing effect that fills out your hips and thighs.

Dresses and skirts for inverted triangle body

Try to find structured pieces that already have a built-in shape.

with a little flight: they are perfect for achieving the volume we are looking for in the lower part, and achieving the perfect balance throughout your silhouette.

Line A: It creates balance because its wide triangle-shaped skirt makes the bottom part not look so narrow and matches your shoulders. In addition, it can be very useful to mark the waist.

Tube: They are made to fall straight down your body, creating long lines. Try not to be too flashy at the top because it will create the opposite effect.

Swimsuits for an inverted triangle body

The ideal will be separate pieces so that you can add volume to your hips and balance your figure.

solid tops: always choose an inconspicuous top, without ruffles or details so as not to attract attention to this area. Wear plain tones, especially dark ones, they narrow the shoulders.

printed bottom: Along with a solid color top, a playful print on the bottom enhances your hips.

deep neckline– These deep cuts draw attention from the shoulders to mid-chest.

high cut bottom: The higher the cut, the fuller the hips will look.

Outfit Ideas for an Inverted Triangle Body

Now, now that we know what to wear if you have this type of figure, it’s time to learn how to create very flattering looks. Let’s look at three outfit ideas for inverted triangle body that will make you look spectacular, highlighting the best attributes of your body.

style for every day

Layers are great for this body type. Choose a pair of dark, straight cut (above the ankle) jeans, paired with a mid-length jacket in a shade of brown and a scoop neck strappy top. To complement wear block heel ankle boots will add volume to the lower half.

Sophisticated style for work

To create that hourglass shape everyone wants, choose a light-colored crew neck blouse under a long wrap-style vest. Opt for wide leg flared pants, type palace. Use prints on the pants as well as adding to a sophisticated style for work, creating an illusion of more volume in your bottom.

Style for a night out

A-line dresses are our go-to for creating the perfect look. A dress with a wide skirt with a V-neck lengthens your entire structure, neckline and waist. Pointed toe heels in a complementary shade or naked They add drama to the look. Accessorize with a set of bracelets, or a large bracelet. These add attention around the waist and hips.