The ruby ​​is one of the four most valued precious stones along with the diamond, the sapphire and the emeralds, extraordinary jewels have been designed with these gems, which have great hardness, specifically 9 on the Mohs scale. In addition to its extraordinary beauty, its characteristic reddish color, which has made it an unmistakable stone among many other gems. But, let us know some curious facts about this gem.

Mineral mix: The ruby ​​is a precious stone that originated from the mixture of iron with chrome, the latter mineral, provides it with that intense red color that makes its beauty stand out, but thanks to the iron, it sometimes has blue betas that give it a rare appearance. beauty.

Its great hardness: As stated above, the ruby ​​has a great hardness, 9 on the Mohs scale, so it is only surpassed by the diamond; This makes it a gem with great durability and quality, which, together with its great beauty, makes it one of the favorites of jewelry designers and people who love luxury jewelry.

The origin of its name and its origin: Red is the reason this gemstone is called a ruby, and you will say that the term is nothing like the word red; and they are right, but what they did not know is that «red» is the Latin meaning of its original word «ruber». On the other hand, the main places where these stones are found are: Mozambique, Thailand and the Mogok Valley, in Myanmar, but also in the United States, Australia and other African countries.

Its properties and symbolism: Much has been said about the properties of this gemstone; but we are going to summarize them in three aspects that will surely interest you, since, by owning a jewel, you will not only have one of the most valued stones for its beauty in your body, but you will also be protected, improve your health and have passion in love .

Protection: When there is protection from the energetic point of view, people feel security, peace and harmony in their lives, that is why wearing a jewel with rubies will not only add beauty to your style, fill it with elegance and good taste, but it will also provide a protective energy that will ward off bad vibes in all environments where you operate.

open the paths: The ruby ​​is related to love and conflict resolution, for these reasons, to the person who wears it, whether in a jewel or an amulet, the paths are opened, everything flows for them, if we do not have concerns that We are overwhelmed by stress and tension, so the mind and body function properly.

This is how, by wearing jewels or amulets with rubies, the body and mind will be flooded with positive energy, power, strength, courage and bravery, to act without fear in the face of adversity; because not only the beauty of the ruby ​​has value, but also its property to strengthen the aura and, with it, bring relaxation, peace and security to the people who wear them.

Symbolizes passion and blood: Its reddish color is associated with blood, that is why the ruby ​​represents strong, passionate and pure love, and although it is not related to those platonic and romantic loves; promotes harmony between physical and spiritual love.

Its color and brightness: It is difficult to find perfect gems that fully possess that characteristic red color, which is due to its chemical composition, where chrome gives it that tone in a pure way, and depending on its percentage there are several shades; ranging from dark red to a pinkish red. However, the most precious rubies are those that have a strong and full red color and hints of blue tones, which are provided by iron. Also, ruby ​​can be transparent or opaque; and the most common is to see it perfectly clean and transparent, but sometimes it is semi-opaque, due to impurities.

Its value sometimes exceeds the diamond: It is definitely one of the highest value gemstones on the market, and has managed to outperform diamond in some cases, which is due to its level of purity.

Almost all rubies have flaws: Believe it or not, flawless rubies are very rare; and that is why they are quoted at high prices, even sometimes, they can have higher prices than diamonds of the same weight and quality.

The month it represents: For lovers and connoisseurs of astrology, ruby ​​is the birthstone for the month of July; but it has also become a traditional gift at anniversary celebrations between couples, when they celebrate 15 or 40 years of marriage, for example.

The world’s largest ruby: This gemstone is currently owned by a Chinese jewelry company; It has 40.92 carats and weighs 8,184 grams and is very pure, although we must point out that almost all natural rubies undergo treatments to strengthen them and improve their color.