Paranormal phenomena have been the inspiration for a large number of movies and booksthere are events that have no scientific explanation, although many people consider them real, science officially refuses to recognize their existence.

The Professor of Psychology at Glendon College, York University, Toronto, Canada, James Alcock, in 1981, stated that “a paranormal event is one that has the following characteristics: it has not been explained in terms of current science; it can only be explained by a broad revision of the basic principles of science; Y is not compatible with the norm of perceptions, beliefs and expectations regarding reality”.

Mr. Alejandro Parra points out the importance of the study of paranormal psychology, regarding paranormal phenomena, he comments as follows, «a Gallup survey showed that 60% of the world’s population has had at least one paranormal experience in their lives. . These experiences can sometimes be quite different from hallucinations, false perceptions, memory games, or other sensory modalities. However, for many people, especially in Western societies, a paranormal experience can cause anxiety, confusion, and existential dread”.

“The way in which the person reacts to any of these experiences may be more relevant than the phenomenology of the experience itself. When someone recounts a paranormal experience, he’s basically looking for an explanation.»

Among the paranormal phenomena that science has not been able to explain are the experiences that have been manifested by people who have been about to die, such as enter a tunnel in which you can see an intense light at the endOthers say they have seen their deceased loved ones or feel a sense of peace that they have never experienced before, but no one has verifiable proof of the afterlife.

Who has not heard about ghosts, so far no definitive proof of the existence of a spectrum is known, what there are are versions of people who say they have seen apparitions, deceased loved ones or strange shadowsAdditionally, there are individuals who claim to be able to communicate with them, have photographed or even seen these paranormal appearances.

There are people who have managed to recover from an illness without medical science being able to understand the way in which the body has managed to heal, some call it a miracle, but the body’s ability to heal itself is far more amazing than any explanation modern medicine can come up with; A UFO means «unidentified flying object» and around the world and its history there are numerous stories of thousands of people who claim to have seen one.

The unknown will always cause us intrigue or fear, the human being by nature wants to get an explanation of everything that surrounds himbut the immensity of the Earth and the millions of living beings that inhabit it make it unthinkable that paranormal phenomena cannot exist.