Incense plant spiritual meaning and for luck (magical)

Frankincense plant spiritual meaning Recently we have been asked the following: Does the frankincense plant have spiritual meaning? Could you post about rituals or how to activate frankincense plant for luck? Does the frankincense plant have magical properties?

Taking into account that all these queries related to the incense plant, today we are going to give their answers, but first let’s see its botanical aspect:


General features

Frankincense plant is a variety of the money plant (Plectranthus). This plant has one inch oval leaves, dark lime green with a nice white margin. The white margin appears as a jagged edge of the leaf, giving the plant its current variegated appearance. The edge of the blade has rounded festoons.

The inconspicuous flowers are small and white. It is a plant of vigorous growth, which presents a central mound with hanging stems. This plant can be grown in a pot or hanging basket. However, we consider that the best option is to keep it as an indoor hanging plant.

Let’s see, next, the incense plant spiritual meaning.


its symbolism

Incense plant spiritual meaning #1 Attract good luck and prosperity According to him feng shuithe incense plant attracts good luck to the house or business where it is located.

In commercial settings you don’t need to be directly at the front door. It can be in the background, as it doesn’t need direct sunlight, and leaving it in full sun can kill it.


Frankincense plant spiritual meaning #2 Calms people down According to the philosophy of Feng Shui, people who are close to this plant feel calmer and more relaxed.

Therefore, having a hammock near a potted frankincense plant can put a person to sleep, or calm down from a difficult situation that just happened.


Incense plant spiritual meaning # 3 Improves affective bonds Placed in rooms where people do not have a good relationship, they can favor and strengthen affective ties between those people who live in the same environment for long periods of time.

If you have, for example, a good relationship with your mother, put the plant in a place where you spend a lot of time together. This simple act will help strengthen the relationship even more, it will make it purer, happier and with better energies.

Likewise, otherwise, if there are many arguments at home, the presence of this plant in the room can be of great spiritual help.

It’s a simple thing, but it can make a difference in people’s lives. Therefore, do not hesitate to place this plant in places where you live with people.


Frankincense plant spiritual meaning #4 Nullifies negative energies Placed in front of the access door to your home or work environment, indoors and never outdoors, the incense plant nullifies the negative energies of people and environments.

Therefore, if this is the intended use, leave them inside the environment in front of the entrance door. Again, this is something quite simple, but very important from an esoteric point of view.


Frankincense plant spiritual meaning #5 Balance The frankincense plant is one of many plants that offer balance, both to people and to the environments in which it is found.

After all, it is itself a giver and receiver of energies. It gives the good and retains or receives the bad, thus balancing the energetic vibration of places and people.


Incense plant spiritual meaning #6 Sign of friendship The frankincense plant can also be considered a sign of friendship.

In this regard, you can give this plant to a friend or friend on his birthday.


Incense plant spiritual meaning #7 Protection sign The frankincense plant is a nice sign of protection and security; This plant is known for its ability to keep homes warm and protected.

It is believed. In addition, it has the ability to ward off negativity. Let’s see, next, how to activate the incense plant for luck.



How to activate the incense plant for luck # 1 You should make a cloth bag, preferably green or yellow, and place three coins of any value inside and place it next to an incense plant, realizing that the money is coming towards you.

Offer a yellow candle to your Guardian angel and drop three drops of melted wax on the ground around the pot or hanging basket. Take care of the plant daily to keep it healthy.

How to activate the incense plant for luck #2 For a week give a coin of any value to those in need. Next, she buries a grain of rice, a grain of corn, and a rock of coarse salt in a pot of the frankincense plant.

On the eighth day, light a yellow candle and say a prayer to Saint Pancratius, asking that your earnings be multiplied. Let the candle burn to the end and throw away the rest or bury it in a bed of earth. Let’s see, now the frankincense plant magical properties.


other virtues

Frankincense plant magical properties #1 For job promotion To get the long-awaited job promotion, go to a church and leave two sprigs of the incense plant on the altar, asking for your wishes to be fulfilled. Leave without looking back, reaffirming his requests.

When you arrive at your workplace, say a prayer to your saint of devotion and give thanks for the conquest that you will soon achieve.

Incense plant magical properties # 2 To attract money Regardless of your financial or social status at the moment, this plant can help you. Let’s see the procedure:

20 centimeters of fabric;

Three coins of any value;

A seed of the frankincense plant;

A candle yellow;

A dish.

Start the magic by wrapping the three coins in the piece of cloth. Next, dig a hole in the pot where the seedling of this plant will be planted. He buries the little package there. Now light the yellow candle, place it on the saucer and say a short prayer to your guardian angel. He asks for your goal with great faith. Be honest and try not to focus on very ambitious goals, keep your feet on the ground and be realistic.

At the end of the sentence, drop three drops of wax from the melted candle onto the soil in the vase. Give preference to the place where you buried the little package. Now you can blow out the candle and throw it in the trash.

The saucer can be washed and used normally. Leave the bunch buried in the pot. To finish, you must take care of the plant, watering it the necessary amount every day. The planter can be kept at home, or even on your desk at work.


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