The impressive colored mountains in China, they are the main attraction of the geological park”zhangye danxia”, located in the province of Gansu in the northwest of this country. These amazing geological structures have been classified as a «earthly rainbow”, according to the opinions of visitors who have had the good fortune to set foot on this fantastic enchanted ground. It should be noted that the impressive red mountains are considered a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.

The most attractive of this surreal landscape, it is the contrast of reddish tones and bright colors that are dispersed vertically and horizontally, from each of the summits of its mountains; and that give the impression of being in an imaginary world.

The curious formation of these gigantic rocks and their characteristic colors dates back millions of years, according to research by expert geologists in the area; this as a consequence of the long-term erosion suffered by a rock called «red sandstone, belonging to this place and other rocks victims of this process, adding to this, the processes of freezing and thawing; in addition to the incidence of rain and wind, which contributed to giving these mountains that characteristic aspect.

Therefore, among the most prominent colors of these incredible rock formations are red, yellow, green, orange and blue. Doesn’t that look amazing? In this sense, and if you have already been completely captivated, the best time to travel and get to know this wonderful park is in summer; since it is in this period you can appreciate in greater detail the beautiful colors embodied in the body of these mountain ranges.

For this, and as a recommendation, it is necessary to dress warmly; because even though it is summer time, during the morning and at night the temperature drops rapidly. Similarly, you should wear glasses, scarves and hats; It is necessary to protect yourself from the strong and sandy wind during the afternoon hours. Good rustic shoes will serve as faithful companions for the fascinating journey through this red terrain.

During the tour of this park, you will be able to enjoy the best view through its popular viewpoints, which can be reached by means of a bus that serves as a guide transport for tourists. But if what you want is to go through each of the attractions of this interesting place more calmly, and take some “selfies”; you can do it quietly while walking along the wooden walkways created exclusively for the comfort of the public. In addition to knowing the extraordinary caves and the most dazzling cliffs in this area.

Well, now that you are once again a witness to the wonders of nature, don’t miss out on the chance to get to know this fantastic place. It’s time to say: China, here I come! For more details, in this video from the famous “YouTube” channel, you will learn important facts about the history and formation of these impressive mountains and really beautiful images. Enjoy it!