The Russian Crown Jewels have always been the most ostentatious in Europe, full of diamonds, rubies and sapphires flaunting superiority. They are also pieces made with materials such as gold mainly and with the most impressive gems. Let’s know a little about these impressive jewels.

An example of this is the famous Monomachus cap”, the oldest of the insignia of the Russian tsars, it is made of gold plates and decorated with more than 40 precious stones, among which are: sapphires, rubies, emeralds and pearls; In addition, it has the appreciated sable fur on the edge. This piece, in the form of an Asian headdress, was made at the end of the 14th century, given to Prince Iván Katita and was only used at the time of his coronation. The last Russian tsar to wear the Monomachus cap was Ivan V.

Another of the famous jewels of the Russian Crown is the Orlov Diamond, that was owned by Catalina “La Grande” and that adorned the royal scepter. According to legend, Catherine’s lover, Gregory Orlov, presented this 189.62-carat stone to Catherine, although others claim that it was the empress who purchased the beautiful gem with money from the royal coffers.

This immense diamond was part of the statue of the deity Ranganatha in a Hindu sanctuary that according to the story was stolen by a French soldier, who after traveling through London and changing owners several times until it reached the collection of Catalina «La Grande». ”, although the way in which he obtained it is still in doubt.

For its part, the so-called Tiara Vladimir, it is a beautiful piece of diamonds and pearls in the form of drops, which had its origin in the Russian Empire during the 19th century. It was a gift from Duke Vladimir Aljandrovich to Maria of Mecklengurg for her wedding. After the revolution, the duchess managed to escape with her jewels and years later after her death, her daughter sold the jewels to Queen María de Teck, grandmother of Elizabeth II, the latter being the one who today holds the famous tiara on a regular basis.

According to historians, Alexandra Feodorovna, wife of Nicholas II, owned the most impressive collection of jewels in the Russian empire. Highlighting a Fabergé brooch in the shape of a tea rose, adorned with colored diamonds and a spear made of large pearls. These jewels were transferred to Siberia by the empress, changing the buttons on her clothes for diamonds and camouflaging other valuable jewels inside hats, belts and underwear. When the royal family was executed, the jewels passed into the hands of the Bolsheviks.

However, these are just some of the Russian Crown Jewels. It is also very well known and of great value the Imperial Crown which has 4936 diamonds, seven historical stones from the Russian collection, decorated with pearls and weighing 398.72 carats. The spinel is topped by a diamond cross.