When a Leo falls in love with a Taurus the sentimental relationship can be very favorable, the compatibility between a fire sign and an earth sign is full of tensions, but if they manage to overcome their differences and unite their strengths, they will be invincible as long as the flame of love remains lit, because the fire lights everyone up. the Earth with its flame of intensity.

The attraction between a Leo and a Taurus is fast, from the first moment their eyes meet there will be a spark that can unleash a whirlwind of feelings, although they can see and feel love differently, they attract each other like a magnet; These signs are extremely stubborn, which can lead to confrontations and heated discussions for each defending her point of view in a particular situation.

The courtship stage is full of intense feelings, courtship is an idyll of romance, Leo always displays all his qualities and charms to catch his prey, he does not give up very easily when he shows interest in a person and although Taurus plays the difficult before a powerful attack of flattery and details, Leo will manage to captivate him with his generosity and protective attitude, as long as they don’t live together their relationship will be an eternal honeymoon.

Taurus is governed by Venus and Leo by the Sun, so the two have a tendency to get closer, their coincidences are the best thing about their relationship, because both are faithful and like to give the best of themselves to the other and to their environment, they tend to be very romantic and have great empathy on a sexual level; They are enterprising and like to have good fun times.

Their differences may lie in their finances, Taurus likes to be thriftyfor your peace of mind it is important to maintain your financial security, you prefer to be conservative and live well, with the necessary money but without ostentation, instead Leo is generoushe likes luxury and the good life, when Taurus sees how Leo spends his money on things that seem trivial to him, he breaks out in a cold sweat and feels a thorn in his heart.

Jealousy can at some point dominate the relationshipespecially because of the temperaments that dominate each sign, if they manage to overcome the barriers that separate them and get to know each other in depth, they will enjoy a stable union.

The character of a Leo is famous for being dominant and strong, but when he is in love with a Taurus they are submissive kittens who only want to be spoiled and pampered; a Leo in love with a Taurus is looking for a lot of affection and wants to be the center of attention of his partner.

If a Leo and a Taurus get romantically involved, the probability of success in the relationship is very highlove will unite them and make them stronger every day, all the tests they have to face will be overcome with patience and will.