Today traveling with babies does not have to cause you any worries, on the contrary, you can make your trip a very pleasant experienceyou just have to choose a destination that allows you to enjoy that special moment with your little one. Quiet, natural environments are recommended, preferably with a nearby beach.

Mexico offers several ideal beaches to enjoy the holidays with your child, the Maya riviera, is one of them. This beautiful beach located in the Caribbean, is a destination par excellence. You can find various lodgings and hotels that offer all the comforts for your little one. even in the area there are three ideal parks, these are Xcaret, Parque Xplor and Xel-Há.

Further south of the American continent, in Brazil, on Florianopolis Island you can enjoy beaches such as Lagoinha, Barra da Lago or Praia Daniela, which are ideal for family travel. On the same continent, one of the most peaceful destinations is Piriapolis, located in Uruguay. Here you will find a calm sea, without waves and with a pleasant temperature. You can also visit Punta Ballena which is a nearby spa.

Continuing with South America, a tourist destination with a good infrastructure in services is the beach located in The Caves, Argentina, where peace and tranquility will accompany your trip. This low tide beach is ideal for bathing with your baby. During the summer the water temperature can reach 25º.

Chile is located on the Argentine border. your capital Santiago de Chile It is surrounded by mountains and has various walks around the city that will be ideal for your baby like visiting the zoo, getting to know the city center and visiting the market. It is a very safe city with an efficient transportation system. We recommend you visit Valparaíso and Viña del Mar, about 130 km away. from Santiago.

If you prefer the European continent, the Balearic Islands of Spain, enjoy a wonderful climate and an excellent hotel infrastructure and services. To travel with babies you can choose Majorca, Minorca or Ibiza. Another option in Spain is Barcelona which has many parks, museums, a good transport system and a spectacular Mediterranean beach.

If you prefer North Americayou can visit Miami located in the state of Florida from United States. In Miami you will find an excellent infrastructure and places designed for the little ones. A place that is a must see are the Disney or Universal parks. You can also visit a water park, visit a zoo or stroll along its beaches.

Caribbeanis another of the recommended destinations for traveling with babies, including Punta Cana, Aruba, Bahamas, Canary Islands, Margarita Island and San Andrés Islandwhich offer visitors the best and most pleasant beaches in the area.

Finally, we allow ourselves to suggest a cruise trip with your baby, as it will allow you to visit several beaches and cities with a high level of security. In addition to have swimming pools, restaurants and even a doctor on board.