The jewels had a great importance in the Celtic culture. These were skilled craftsmen, excellent carvers of stones and metallurgical elements; at the same timeintroduced an intense renewal and complexity in jewelry with intricate symbols and meanings; thanks to his passion for design.

Likewise, the most used metals were silver and gold, other times in alloy with copper, and their main technique was fusion. The compilation of decorative motifs included knots, geometric braiding, «phytomorphic» and stylized «zoomorphic» figures, spirals, and keys; animals were his favorite inspiration; especially dogs, deer, birds and wild boars. One of the processes applied to metallic objects, at the end of engraving, was to embellish them with applications of colored material.

Secondlythe most emblematic symbols of Celtic jewelry were the crosses, they had a particular design that differentiated them from the others; they were constituted by a cross and a circle that surrounded the blades, whose center is in the area where they join; In addition, they were used as a religious emblem.

Similarly, Celtic jewelry remains a highly prized treasure by men and women, due to its peculiarity and suggestive beauty; it is a great representation for whoever wears it. According to Celtic culture, each piece manufactured along with its design has a unique and special symbology; they are characterized by being intertwined lines that spiral within the jewels. Let’s know the meaning of the masterful celtic jewelry designs.

Trike: This complex and beautiful piece made with a single stroke from start to finish, is a perfect delineation and represents evolution and growth. In addition, its unique lines express the beginning and the end, the eternal evolution, and the imperishable learning; personifies the balance between mind, body and spirit.

Spiral: it is the magic symbol par excellence, because it embodies the path to eternity; the spiral has no beginning or end, but changes and evolves permanently. Also, it has a deep mystical and spiritual meaning.

Celtic cross: it is a religious icon formed by a Christian cross with a ring surrounded at its intersection. The purpose of the circle is that when the sun’s rays are projected through the light; keep the devil away. Also, the four arms can be closely linked to the four elements: fire, earth, air and water.

The Celtic Knot: in Celtic weddings this symbol is exchanged as a sign of love; and with the confidence that the union will be forever. Tradition says that the knot prevents the relationship from dying; In addition, it is the seal to close the eternal alliance and mutual support that must exist in the couple.

Celtic jewelry designs are still highly regarded, both for its beauty and for its mystical complexity. Choose these beautiful pieces as a symbol of mystery, love and eternity.