I have contracted 20 megabytes. What speed should I have for uploading and downloading?

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I have contracted 20 mb. WHAT SPEED should I have for uploading and downloading?…in kbps

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When one hires an internet service, the speed that they are promoting us is usually the download speed (download), so «20 megabytes» should be the download speed.

You should ask your internet company for the upload speed, but it is usually much lower than the download speed.

Then I make a typical correction, it is not correct to say only «mega» (yes, that’s right, advertising is also wrong) for the internet connection speed, the correct thing should be 20 mbps (megabit per second), because «mega» It lends itself to confusion: If we say only «mega», do we mean megabyte per second or megabit per second?

internet speed test

When you do a connection speed test (there are many websites that do this) the download speed should tell you 20 mbps (or at least close to that value).

It may express it to you in the unit kbps, so it should be closer to 20,000 kbps.

If we want to pass it to byte (or units like kilobyte, megabyte) it must be divided by 8.

So an internet speed of 20 mbps should give you an approximate download of 2.5 megabytes per second (MB/sec). I remind you that byte (and its related units) is the unit with which the size of files on the computer is expressed.

To understand all these terms I suggest reviewing our definitions:

– megabyte

– Kilobyte

– kbps


– Data transmission speed

– mega

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