How to use rose quartz to attract love and its ritual

CHow to use rose quartz to attract love Rose quartz is the pastel pink to bright pink gemstone that is spiritually most connected to love, peace and harmony. Our ancestors recognized the beauty and power of this gemstone as far back as at least 7000 BC when rose quartz beads were found in the ruins of the ancient kingdom of Mesopotamia.

Greek mythology is full of stories of love and tragedy and none more of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and her mortal lover, Adonis. As they lay in each other’s arms, both bleeding from wounds inflicted by a jealous former lover, her blood mingled and fell onto white quartz. This quartz was forever dyed pink and symbolized her eternal love.

Another goddess from times past was Isis of Ancient Egypt, who would caress her face with tumbled Rose Quartz to keep her skin beautiful and wrinkle-free. To this day, rose quartz is used in spas around the world in treatments to give skin a healthy natural glow, but did you know there is a ritual to attract love with rose quartz? Let’s see more below:


Rose quartz and its link with love

The pink quartz it is related to love, its nickname is the «stone of love» after all. First comes romantic love, this gemstone will encourage you to find the love of your life, discover more romance in your relationships, and enjoy the time you spend with your loved ones.

Then there is self love. How can you expect to be loved by another if you don’t learn to love (and forgive) yourself?

Third, there is passion. Romance and sexuality are very important to our emotions and the health of our relationships – rose quartz is the perfect crystal to enhance these feelings.

If you suffer from a broken heart, rose quartz will be the best friend that will help you recover. Allowing you to heal, forgive and learn to love again and this time with the right person for you. Let’s see now how to use rose quartz to attract love


How to use rose quartz to attract love

Here are 6 ways you can use rose quartz to attract more love into your life. These rituals can be performed exactly as described below.

Ritual to attract love with rose quartz #1 Sit well in a secluded place and place the rose quartz on your heart or hold the rose quartz in your palms over your heart. Imagine pink and white light swirling around your body, enveloping you in love, tenderness, and warmth. Feel the positivity and benevolence radiating towards you, wishing you well-being, wishing you prosperity, wishing you find true love. Close your eyes and imagine a life full of happiness with the other person; that love that comes to you.

Ritual to attract love with rose quartz #2 Have an honest conversation with your partner. If you want to reflect with him/her on her relationship, grow love, restore trust, or improve your relationship with your partner, this is the ritual to try. You can each sit on the floor and hold your rose quartz egg in your hand, on her body, or internally. Even having rose quartz in the shared space will also help your partner.

Both of you close your eyes and feel the authentic and loving vibrations. Feel it creating a sense of safety and trust in the space. Keep in mind the questions you would like to ask. How can you be more present with your partner? Is there anything holding you back from having a rich and deep connection? Is there something enriching that you should do or offer that you are not doing? Communicate with your partner, letting rose quartz help create a safe space and remind you that love is the foundation of everything.

Ritual to attract love with rose quartz #3 Although it is a calming and love-related gemstone, rose quartz can be quite powerful when it comes to dreams. Placing one under your pillow (or in your pillowcase to keep it from wandering around the bed) can lead to dreams that will reveal your true soulmate. It is important to note that rose quartz has a reputation for preventing nightmares and helping children overcome their fear of the dark.

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How to clean rose quartz

Most gemstones, especially quartz, just need a simple cleaning and recharging under running water. Ideally, natural fresh water, such as a stream, spring, or waterfall, but clean tap or tap water would suffice.

If your rose quartz has been working hard, you may want to give it a little boost with a smoke stain. Light some frankincense or better yet dried sage leaves and let the smoke drift over your rose quartz, which will energize your gemstone. (Take the usual precautions when lighting objects.)

Learn to cleanse the energizer of the Rose Quartz stone

Now that we have talked about the meaning of the quartz stone, its properties, its use in meditation, its technical characteristics and its powers, it is time to talk about its conservation.

To keep this stone always energized, some procedures must be followed. But first, let’s talk about cleaning, which can be done in a number of ways. The most traditional is washing with running water.

Another way to wash rose quartz is to soak it in salt water for a few hours. To energize the crystal, a good tip is to leave it in sunlight or moonlight. The energies provided by these stars help in the energizing process.

Have you seen how powerful this crystal is? Like other stones in the quartz family, this stone has unique properties. Knowing how to explore its power is essential for those who want to have a fuller emotional life.


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