How to use black salt (uses, esoteric properties and how to make it)

How to use black salt All salts have different energies and uses in spiritual work. Sea salt, for example, is excellent for purification; Epson salt for healing and Himalayan pink for healing and loving energies and then there is the famous black salt.

This salt, also called witch salt, is an element that is often used in order to protect, ward off bad energies and repel unwanted people. Let’s see, next, the black salt esoteric properties and how to use black salt.


esoteric properties

In the esoteric and white magic world, black salt has protective, cleansing and detoxifying properties. For this reason, it is a widely used ingredient in protective amulets, magic bags and rituals and there are even people who use it to perform different types of baths in order to clear your aura.

In other words, it is a highly valued ingredient for magical practices not only for its properties but also for the versatility of its applications. There are countless ways to use it, even with the simplest and easiest practices.

There are various recipes and different ways to make black salt as you only need salt and something to darken it: frankincense ash, black pepper, black mustard seeds, black sesame, powdered charcoal, paper ash and burnt herbs, black tourmalines or crushed stones, among others.

Do not confuse this black salt with kala malak black salt used in cooking, although it may be added during the making of black salt for magical purposes.

Important: If you intend to use it in something that someone else is going to eat, make sure your recipe is safe to eat. Food coloring is a viable and simple alternative, but I recommend that you perform a more elaborate creation ritual to make up for the lack of other ingredients.


How to make black salt and its use

Black salt is commonly made by people following spiritual paths to protect themselves, but anyone can learn how to make it.

The traditional (and most important) main ingredients are ashes and coarse salt. Other ingredients often added are black pepper, herbal ashes, and essential oils for protection.

While maintaining vibe and alignment is the best way to deter negative energy, sometimes it’s nice to have a little help. Used with good common sense and practical safety measures, this tool can help protect you from unwanted energy.


Herbs you have on hand (bay, oregano, rosemary, basil, lemon peel)
a lump of coal
an incense
Coarse salt
1/2 teaspoon of pepper
glass container with lid
1 white candle


Light the incense, pass it into the jar and cover the jar
Place the incense in an incense holder and reserve its ashes
Put in a pan to burn all the herbs they should be black
pulverize the herbs
Pulverize the piece of charcoal (you can use a charcoal)
Mix the incense ash, salt, herbs and Coal powdered and pepper
Place the mixture inside the container, cover it
Light the candle and place the salt next to it
Once the candle is consumed you can start using the salt.


Black salt and its uses

How to use black salt #1 Clean and protect your environment Use the powder to blow out your front door for protection or you can keep a small pot open by your bed.

How to use black salt #2 avoid nightmares Place a cup of black salt under the bed to avoid nightmare

How to use black salt #3 avoid bad vibes Place a few grains of black salt under the living room rug to ward off bad vibes.

How to use black salt #4 Wear as a protective amulet Put in a cloth bag and carry it always.

How to use black salt #5 Use as home protection. Place a handful of black salt in each corner of the house.

It is important to note that black salt should be used with caution, because if used excessively, black salt can cause a great deal of confusion.


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