How to untangle a very tangled necklace

There is nothing more frustrating than having to untangle a necklace, especially when we want to use it. But whether or not you’re in a hurry to wear it, it’s a fairly common occurrence that can happen to anyone who has necklaces in their jewelry collection. Above all, because it is a basic piece of jewelry in any look and therefore it will have a lot of movement.

However, this is a jewelry problem that needs to be set aside some time for and should be done slowly. Since doing it incorrectly means, in the worst case, ending up with a broken necklace in the process. Some people may even choose not to even try and just say goodbye to their beloved necklace forever.

But none of these scenarios have to be yours, as it is possible to quickly untangle a necklace with the help of some elements that we have at home. Join us as we explore some solutions that will save your favorite necklace and save you frustration.

Simple ways to untangle a necklace

Before you begin, the first thing you need to do is find a flat surface to place your necklace on, preferably with a white or light background. Since they are shades that will make it easier to clearly see the tangles that your necklace has. It will also be essential to turn on the ceiling light to obtain greater visibility, which is essential.

Next, extend your necklace and proceed to identify the points that are entangled. It is important that you be very gentle when extending it, otherwise you want to tighten the knots more and that you undo the necklace if it is closed. Because this way it will be easier to untangle, especially if you are dealing with several necklaces with this problem.

Having finished with the preparations, we are ready to untangle. We just have to select one of the following methods and start the process.

1. Untangle a necklace using baby powder

Baby powder is a fairly safe product for your necklace, which is also easy to remove. You can use on very delicate necklace chains to allow a little extra finger grip and more movement of the chain.

What you will need:

Baby powder, two safety pins or needles, a paper towel

To do:

Generously sprinkle baby powder all over the necklace. This powdered product will act as a lubricant, loosening the knots. For best results consider gently rubbing the knot between your fingers to allow the powder to fall in and loosen the knot.

Then, with your fingers, insert the tips of your two needles or safety pins into the middle of the knotted area. While in the knot, lift and pull the needles to gently try to separate the individual strands of the necklace. Don’t forget to sprinkle more talcum powder as needed and continue.


A Once you have successfully untangled the necklace, wipe it off with a paper towel to remove any powder residue. Or if you prefer, you can also clean it by immersing it in a solution of mild detergent and water, rinse with clean water and use a paper towel to gently dry it.

2. Untangle a necklace using some lubricating oil

If you don’t have baby powder on hand, you can opt to use baby oil or olive oil instead. These lubricate your necklace and will allow the necklace strands to slide more easily over each other as we untangle the knot. Not forgetting that baby oil and olive oil are also safe to add to your precious necklaces and we can easily wash them off.

What you will need:

Olive oil or baby oil product, cotton swabs, mild soap or jewelry cleaner, paper towel or soft cloth.

To do:

Start by dipping a cotton swab into the oil and then proceed to rub the knot of the necklace to loosen the chains. For more stubborn knots, it is recommended to gently apply the oil to the knot, massaging it a bit so that it loosens. You should now be able to manipulate the chain to release the knot.


Once you have untangled your necklace you can remove the oil by soaking it in a mild soap and water mixture. Rinse with clean water and gently dry with a paper towel or soft cloth.

3. Unravel a necklace using pins

The best thing about this method is that it does not need cleaning. But because you’re using a hard item with this method, you want to make sure you’re doing it gently when untangling more delicate necklaces. Because if you pull too hard you risk breaking the collar beyond repair or even making the knot stick even more.

What you will need:

Pin, needle, tack, or small screwdriver

To do:

If you are missing the materials we mentioned above, you should not think that all is lost. You can still try to untangle a necklace with a pin, needle, or any small, thin object like a thumbtack or small screwdriver. Insert the object directly into the center of the knot and use it to slowly move the knot. You can then work with two pins, or your fingers, to slowly begin to pull apart the individual sections of the knot.

These are the best methods to untangle a necklace. But if you still need help with the tangles or feel unable to do so you may want to call a professional jeweler.

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How to prevent your necklaces from getting tangled

Instead of unraveling a necklace, it’s best to prevent it from getting tangled in the first place. So make tangled necklaces a thing of the past with proper storage.

close the clasp

Here’s a simple little rule, any time you take off a necklace that has a clasp, make sure you put it back on the other end of the chain. This will make entanglement in your favorite necklace less likely.

always hang them

The best way to store necklaces without the risk of tangles is to hang them individually. For this you can a necklace tree or a necklace storage box. But if you’re using a jewelry box, don’t lay the necklaces flat, as you’ll only be creating tangles. Well, even jewelry boxes with drawers will slide as you open them. If you must put them in a jewelry box, just make sure you only put one necklace in one compartment.

Similarly, for home storage you can create your own necklace board by placing pins, for example, on a board. Or you can also hang them over your closet door and you can even mount them on the wall or place them among your other hangers. This way you can introduce some color and brightness into your wardrobe at the same time.

How to pack necklaces to prevent tangles

If you plan to travel with your necklaces, be sure to keep them tangle-free with a jewelry bag or box that will keep them safe and secure from any movement. Ideally, you should use the case they came in, as this will provide the perfect protection for that item.