How to read an egg: Get to know it to eliminate bad energies

How to read an egg:

How to read an egg: In this article we bring you the fascinating ritual of cleansing ovomancy where we will teach you how to read an egg, so that you yourself can get rid of bad energies and know what is happening to you, so that open the paths in your life Are you interested? Keep reading us.


For centuries, the egg has been considered a symbol of fertility, pregnancy and birth. It is possible to eliminate negative energy using an egg cleanse and since ancient times, oracles learned to read an egg to see the future both in its internal and external shell. This type of practice for divination is called ovomancy and if you want to consult your future in love or do not know how to make an egg cleanse using this technique, you will have to learn to interpret an egg to discover its meaning before making any prediction yourself. .

How to read an egg: History

Many historians attribute the invention of ovomancy to Orpheus, a Greek poet and musician. It is known that in ancient Greece it was very popular in the oracles and the wise men learned to read the future in both the internal and external shell of the egg.

How to read an egg: When to do it

It is recommended to do it when you feel stagnant energies, when you need to renew your path. It is also ideal to do the egg cleaning when losing a job or being financially unstable. When you start to suffer from nightmares, insomnia, accidents without any explanation.

Preferably Sunday or Monday, to start the week strong. You can also choose the beginning of the month and the new year, so you will be totally renewed. Another of the doubts of many is the time in which you can perform the egg cleanse. Well, there is no time, just choose the one that best suits you. Find a quiet room with a window.

The egg reading should be done during the waning moon phase so that the energy flows better and you can obtain valuable information about how we are both energetically and spiritually with more certainty.

How to read an egg: What is it about?

It is important that you first do a cleanse with the egg so that it obtains part of the vital energy of the person to be treated before interpreting or beginning any reading. An egg that has not been used for any cleaning will not give reliable results. If we want to read it, we will first have to clean it with the egg so that it recharges and we can interpret its meaning..

You have to know how to interpret the figures that the egg forms in the water to give a quality diagnosis and provide detailed answers. Remember that there may be other interpretations and much of what we can predict will have to do largely with the vital situation you are currently going through.


A red or white egg

A smooth transparent glass cup

Coarse sea salt preferably


First fill the glass halfway with water and pour a tablespoon of salt into it. Remember that the glass you use will be exclusively for this type of work.

Second, you will take an egg, either red, white, whatever you have on hand is fine. You will pass the egg all over your body (preferably without clothes), praying the Our Father while the cleaning is done.

Then you will break the egg by dropping only the yolk with the white, that is (only the yellow afternoon) in the glass of water that we previously prepared.

The egg absorbs the bad energies that you bring, plus you can know if there is a witchcraft work when you break it, this is seen especially if it has bubbles or figures are formed in the egg white. If a mantle comes out or the egg is cooked too much, you have to see if someone is not doing something bad to you.



Anchor: Positive changes in the relationship or possible job opportunity.

Animal: The shape of an animal represents worry, anxiety and a high level of negative energy.

Arc: Envy caused by certain people within the family or work environment.

Boat: Represents a close trip or a possible love break.

Bubbles: If there are few bubbles, it represents an economic crisis. If there are many bubbles, it represents prosperity.

Face: Seeing a face is a sign that an enemy exists. A long, thin face indicates a man while a round, oval face indicates a woman.

Cup: Represents unexpected gains or losses.

Cross: If the white forms a cross, you suffer from some kind of curse that you must deal with.

Flower: Represents success, changes that will bring positive things to your life.

Horseshoe: Represents good luck in finances.

Moon: Indicates difficulties for the realization and a spiritual setback, personal problems that you must treat with caution.

Hand: They will give you support at the exact moment. If the hand is poorly defined, it warns of betrayal.

Eye: Represents a curse, wrong decisions or an evil eye.

Foot: Opportunities that you should not miss. New paths will open in your life.

Swirls: Emotional level problems that cause damage and problems in your relationships with others.

Snakes: The coiled figures indicate physical wear, pain and problems in intimacy.

Cobwebs: Warns that you need spiritual cleansing. Something is capturing you, cornering you and can hinder your personal or spiritual development.

Clover: Represents happiness within all aspects of life at its best.

Horseshoe: Represents good luck in finances.

Geometric forms

Circle: If it is completely complete, it represents prosperity in love. If it is broken at some point, it is a sign of betrayal, changes and insecurity in the relationship.

Square: We will have close problems so we will need some time to recover and overcome. Prudence with those around you.

Triangle: Problems with our own spiritual energy, feelings of guilt or deception on our part.

other signs

Clean water: If the water is totally clear, without abnormal shapes or blood, it indicates that nothing unnatural is happening.

Cloudy water: Indicates that we are susceptible to witchcraft due to our lack of energy.

Blood stains: Represents bad luck and that we are victims of some witchcraft work.

Spikes upwards: Spikes similar to nails or needles upwards are an indication that there are envious people around you who do not want you to get ahead.

Downward Spikes: Downward spikes represent your weakened spiritual energy. You are touchy and have resentments inside you that you have not eliminated.

Position of the yolk: When we break the egg, the yolk should go down to the bottom of the glass. If it stays in the middle or if it goes up, it is a clear sign that someone is attacking us and doing witchcraft.

Red and black points: Represents the tendency to illness or arguments in all levels of your life.

Dark yolk: Represents a large amount of negative charge and the need to repeat the egg wash every day until the yolk comes out clear.

What to do after reading?

After the reading is done, the egg should be thrown directly into the toilet, so that everything that is causing damage goes away. Otherwise, the bad energies will not be eliminated and therefore the cleaning will not give results.


We will try not to use refrigerated eggs, and if we have no other alternative, take it out of the fridge at least 4 hours before so that it is at room temperature.

Do you know any other way to perform the egg cleaning and interpret it? Write us in the comments.