Surely you aspire to have a much more attractive look this season. Find out if you are on the side of good or evil… and step up to the positive side with a more angelic appearance!

To decrease the brightness of your face when makeup, or even if it does not have makeup, you must control the oil from your skin. Wash your face in the morning, and at night to remove excess fat. One of the favorite products used for this is the cleansing gel. And nothing better than after cleansing, use an astringent lotion. For daily use, wear a moisturizing gel that regulates the production of oil from your skin and keep moisture.

Control the brightness using a foundation with matte effect, oil-free and non-comedogenic (that does not obstruct the pores). Finalize putting translucent powder which, as its name suggests, does not reflect light. One thing that takes away your angelic face, are the dark circles that often appear because bad habits of sleeping or because makeup runs. Get rid of them now!

Do you love partying at night or staying up late watching movies? Stop! Your eyelids may swell and dyed purple. Will appear the terrible dark circles. why? When your eyes do not rest enough, tiny blood vessels become inflamed and this can be seen through the thin skin around your eyes.

Sleep at least eight hours, but if you need to sleep late, do not forget to use the next day an anti-dark circles product. Use concealer after foundation. If you use eyeliner, try with one not so creamy, because it causes the color to spread and remain stained eyes. Instead, use the liquid eyeliner. Apply also waterproof mascara; the paint will not run so easily.

It is terrifying to see women with yellow teeth and bleeding gums, product of cigarette or bad brushing. Do not be one of them! Do not use too intense colors of lipstick, such as red, cherries or chocolate, because your teeth will be darkened. The pinks and oranges will be super good.

Cigarettes contain harmful substances such as nicotine and tar, when burned, cause teeth staining. Smoking causes the gums (gingivitis) to become inflamed, and bad breath. Stay away from cigarette!

If your teeth are very yellow, add to your toothbrush a paste made of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Goodbye stains! To prevent bleeding gums, massage them with circular moves and with a little of grated ginseng after brushing.

Good oral hygiene is the first step to prevent your teeth from getting pigmented or stained. Do not look like a vampire woman, brush your teeth after every meal, and use mouthwash and dental floss. It is very important to change your toothbrush every three months.

Following these tips you will remove that spell or malevolent aura, and will look much younger and angelic at all times. Become a more beautiful woman with these simple tips.