How to know if I have the gift of premonitory dreams. Is it a gift from God?

How to know if I have the gift of premonitory dreams Recently we have been asked about the subject of premonition the following: What is the prayer to have premonitory dreams? How are premonitions presented in dreams? Is it true that premonitory dreams are a gift from God? Why do premonitory dreams happen?

Next we will answer these questions:


General features

The Holy Spirit grants different spiritual gifts to those who believe in him, one of them is the gift of the revelation of dreams also called premonitory dreams.

This consists of the supernatural ability that a person has to foresee future events or events that have occurred far from their presence and that, therefore, they would have no way of knowing if it were not for the gift of revelation. In this sense, you receive warnings while sleeping and every detail of the dream is remembered when you wake up. Let’s see, then, more about How to know if I have the gift of precognitive dreams?


Will I have it or not?

To answer the questions: How do I know if I have the gift of precognitive dreams? Is it true that premonitory dreams are a gift from God? we can point out that it is indeed a gift from God and for there are some signs that indicate whether or not we have that gift. Here we list some of them:

Have a growing desire to build an intimate relationship with God;
Be curious and always seek to learn about prophecy;
Pray prophetically, that is, you find yourself spontaneously praying something that you had not thought of;
Praying for a person and receiving their answer that the words you used were exactly what they needed to hear;
The people were helped by something you prophesied and shared with them;
To dream or have a vision of something and that scene actually happens afterwards;
See things that others can’t see, sometimes you even think it’s your imagination;
Feeling that your words have authority and that what you say really happens;
Sometimes you are afraid to say something you mean to someone because you are afraid it will happen… and then it happens;
Having many real dreams about things that are not part of your routine or life;
You don’t usually follow other people, you only follow God, and you see problems in the church you attend.
It is sometimes misunderstood;
You strive to lead people away from sin.


How do I know when God is speaking to me through dreams?

One thing is certain: if you dream of a revelation from God, the message will be very clear. You will have no doubts about what He wants you to know. Also, if God has spoken to you in a dream, you will wake up with a firm feeling of what you have to do.

Below, we have listed the main signs for you to discover if you have dreamed of a revelation from God:

His dream contained a supernatural element

When God speaks to us in a dream there is a very clear sign that this dream comes from heaven, as something that is not normally known or a revelation about the future. Just be careful not to manipulate your dream for yourself by making something look like a sign when it isn’t. Remember your dream and analyze it.

God can reveal himself to us through dreams, but this is not the only way he reveals himself. Therefore, to find out if God has spoken to you in a dream, analyze if the dream message is related to a prayer you have recently prayed, or to a conversation you have had with God. If God spoke to you in a dream, he probably answered your questions, doubts or anxieties.

The dream contained Divine Wisdom To be sure that a dream comes from God, it is necessary to analyze if that dream and the message it contains are in agreement with the Gospel, it is something that Jesus would preach.


repeated dreams

But of course, if you are not a very spiritual person, you may not have the sensitivity or understanding of your dream. In that case, you may have the same dream multiple times.

If this is your situation, write down dreams that recur, even if they don’t seem important. Repeated dreams often leave lingering feelings in our hearts.

Also try not to ignore the feeling you get when you wake up. Analyze it.

If possible, every day write down your dream and the feeling you had as soon as you woke up in a diary, so you don’t forget any details.

Then, analyze what phrases, people or images are repeated and may be a response to a prayer you have made or a conversation you have had with God.

Also pay attention to the symbolism present in your dream. If an object or something is persistent in your dreams, look up its meaning.

This interpretation can be the answer to the message that God sends you, but you are not able to reveal it by yourself.


What can dreams reveal to us?

The revelation of dreams usually brings the answers to our prayers, doubts and questions. It is God revealing if you are on the right path, preparing you for a future event or even pointing out your shortcomings so that you become a better person and evolve spiritually.

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Prayer to have premonitory dreams

God gives you the opportunity to communicate with Him through Prayer. And in prayer you can ask for answers to your doubts, fears and anxieties.

See below the prayer of Saint Helena to have the revelation in a dream.

“You Saint Helen who had the blessing of God to have premonitory dreams about who would be the Emperor in Rome who would be your own son in the future.

So, my noble Lady, as her dream was true, she shows me in the dream… .

If that must happen, show me a clear house, an open church, a nicely decorated table, a green and flowery field, a light on, clean running water or clean clothes. If this must not happen, show me the dark house, the closed church, the messy table, the dry field, the unlit light, the cloudy water, or the dirty clothes. Amen».

At the end, an Our Father is also prayed.

If you want to know more about how to know if I have the gift of precognitive dreams, you can ask your question in the comments section.


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