For its beauty and meaning, jewelry are one of the objects women and men value around the world, not in vain they were considered the ideal companion to our personal look. Therefore, when we choose a gem, we always try to be unique and that it can be used on many occasions. Consequently, those pieces of jewelry whether purchased or given as part of a gift, will match every outfit and they come in all sizes, materials, shapes and colors in a different range of prices. What they all have in common is that each piece represents the most precious treasure for every one of us.

In light of this, it is important that we give them special maintenance so they can always look like new and are preserved in time. The care we give them will depend on the material from which they are made, and one that requires special attention is the jade, as their care is twofold: while cleaning, the energy will recharge the stone. Improper cleaning can ruin not only its beautiful color and texture, but also its energetic charge; thereby, its beauty and healing properties will be overshadowed.

Given these considerations, we can recommend the following precautions in case you own jade jewelry:

Avoid hitting the jewel against hard surfaces, as though sometimes the damage is not very clear but over time, it could be cracked.

Jade does not require special treatments or chemical cleaners to remove dirt; this can be easily cleaned with a soft, damp cloth and to dry use another dry cloth. If you use the jewel daily, clean at the end of the day.

Like other jewelry, jade should be kept away from sweat, cosmetics and chemicals, as they can damage the surface and dull the color. Similarly, if you swim in the pool, remove jewelry before swimming to avoid chlorine deterioration.

Jade is a moonstone, so you can recharge it by leaving the piece under the moonlight all night, but don’t expose it to sunlight, as this may cause it to expand and change its appearance, breaking apart the stone’s harmony. It can also be recharged by placing it in a glass of water and a piece of amethyst. It is advisable to recharge it this month, especially if you take it with you every day.

Finally, if the jade is heated or changes its color you must clean the stone, and then wash it with warm water only for a few minutes. Afterwards it could be recharged.

If you followed our advice, you will see your jade jewelry will be more beautiful and shinier when carried. Jade jewelry can be given in inheritance to your children or grandchildren because of its great durability. Just remember that besides being a beautiful decoration, your jade jewelry will thank your cares for looking over your health and prosperity and renewing your energies. So, if you don’t have any Jade piece, you must get yours!