How many years did it take to build Noah’s Ark | 👁

The Bible does not detail how long Noah took to create the ark, but according to different hypotheses it is estimated that it was a little less than a hundred years, exactly the same time that Noah was preaching on the day of the flood.

Pastor Mauricio SĂĄnchez Scott President of the National Academy of Music and Christian Arts. TW: @mauriciosscott What is it? ‱ Noah’s Ark is a story from the Hebrew Bible, which tells how, by order of God, Noah builds a boat for the salvation of himself and his family before the Universal Flood, in order to then repopulate the Earth with his offspring. ‱ It is found both in the sacred writings of Judeo-Christianity (the Torah and the Old Testament) and in the Muslim Koran.

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Why did Noah need to create the ark?

Noah needed to create the ark to teach his love, obedience and honor to God. Noah was considered an innocent and fair man in his social network. The moment God told Noah to build an ark and what to put in it, Noah listened and obeyed. Have you ever felt that God was calling you to carry out something that seemed impossible? With God everything is possible. We are never alone. God is always with us and he will guide us in each and every time.

Noah listened to God, obeyed his rules and managed to help his family, now the animals of the ark. Noah did not waver or question God’s claims. God knew that Noah would listen and follow his standards.

Did Noah gather only the animals that fit comfortably?

No. Noah «gathered for himself» each and every land animal, including family members. There are multiple explanations for it. First, the term «gathered for himself» could represent that he collected only those animals that could be eaten, or that he gathered any and all animals tamed by humans. If anything, it might have been simple to avoid putting family animals together. Next, the word «collected for himself» could represent that he collected only those animals that were originally from Mesopotamia, or perhaps from other nearby areas. Third, it can represent that he gathered together all the land animals that were big enough to support his weight.

Yes, the floodwaters were full of food. Many genera of edible plants and even animals that are not commonly eaten have been covered by floodwaters. The only drawback was that they were covered in thick, muddy water, making them undesirable. Noah fed the animals that he brought into the ark, and they consumed the plants and animals covered by the flood waters. The only drawback was that the animals couldn’t eat the muddy plants and animals covered by the flood waters. Therefore, Noah has not been able to feed each and every one of the animals on the ark. How many animals he managed to feed and how long he had to feed them before the waters receded are questions that have no answer in the Bible.