How many women did Bjorn have | 👁

Ragnar’s eldest son managed to marry far more than five women during his history.

Defeated in the Mediterranean Sea

Going back to the similarities, Björn Ironside toured the Mediterranean with a colossal army, accompanied by one of his theoretical brothers. On this trip, our main character attacked cities in Spain, Italy, Algeria… He deceived leaders from all over the area, increased his popularity and wealth, but… he ended up being defeated.

It was the Byzantine navy that, when Björn returned with his army to the Gibraltar region, surprised the Viking and ended up with a large part of his fleet, which was dwarfed to well over 40 ships. It was this defeat that brought him back to Scandinavia, where he lived out the rest of his history in the midst of wealth, acting as jarl and taking the position left by his father (died by order of the King of Northumbria, murder avenged by sons). of Ragnar, who slew King Aelle by the method of the blood eagle).


Native to the year 781. Although his father is still stated to be Rolo (Ragnar’s brother), Ragnar always treated him as his own and Bjorn always called Rangar his father. whom he loved and admired intensely.

He was born in the year 795. Although he was technically born out of wedlock (Ragnar was still married to Lagertha), he was legitimized and named Ragnar’s heir. He is the slowest of his surviving children and the most similar to young Ragnar.

Who raped Ingrid Vikings?

With Bjorn injured, Ingrid is crying and Gunnhild, who is at Bjorn’s side, tells him to come with her. He asks her why she is so pathetic and she states that she is not only talking about Bjorn and declares that King Harald raped her.

How many wives did Ragnar Lodbrok have?


The arrival in Italy was caused some 300 years before the construction of the “Leaning Tower of Pisa”, in 1173 AD C. Once Björn and his brother reached Pisa, they were told that a nearby inland town contained huge Christian goods. .

This caught their attention and they went to Rome. But the information was supposedly wrong and they ended up in the town of Luni, a fortress that, in contrast to Pisa, offered enormous resistance to the Vikings.


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