How many princesses are there in the real world | 👁

Leonor from Spain, Amália from the Netherlands, Isabel from Belgium, Ingrid from Norway and Salma from Jordan are just some of the princesses who are in the spotlight and who amaze royal followers.

Disney movies are a classic of the franchise, many of us grow up with them and even the new movies continue to draw a sigh or even a tear from us.

The stories of the Disney princesses are among the most popular among the cinema and various passengers.

The disparity that triggered the disappearance of the «People’s Princess»

Lady Di had a unique ability to make the common crowd relatable and her death had a really strong impact on British society. «She was the princess of the people and she will continue to be her, she will remain forever in our hearts and in our memories,» said Tony Blair, who was Britain’s president at the time.

A huge number of Britons laid bouquets of flowers and candles in opposition to Kensington Palace in London, where it had been the official residence of the princess. Prince Charles of Wales, heir to the crown, traveled to Paris to collect his remains while the protocols to follow were being discussed in the United Kingdom, since Diana was not strictly a member of the royal family at the moment (Queen Elizabeth II annulled his title after the divorce a year before).

Lady Amelia Windsor of the United Kingdom.

Amelia is only 20 years old and if something captivates this young woman is her beauty, the media dubbed her «the most beautiful of the British royal family.» She is the daughter of George Windsor, Earl of St. Andrews and a granddaughter of the Duke of Kent, a cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. Amelia wants to be a journalist and she wants the trend, which led her to take an internship at Chanel in Paris.

Princess Giselle returns

On November 18, the sequel to Enchanted (2007, Kevin Lima) was released. Keep in mind that in the previous movie, Giselle (Amy Adams) stays on the real planet with Robert (Patrick Demsey) thinking that life is like a fairy tale, like in Andalusia, where she lived. At this moment, the main character realizes that in New York there are no fairy tales and she has 2 options: accept that the life she decided to live is very difficult or change it so that it is as she wishes. Which will you choose?

Disenchanted has not lost its essence. Although Giselle is in a moment of change, as the entire family moves to the outskirts of town. Another drawback is the adolescence of Morgan (Gabriella Baldacchino), who does not want to move to the suburbs, and is the engine of the entire story. Will Gisselle be able to overcome these 2 confrontations?

How many Disney princesses are there on the planet?

Names and specifications. Merida, Alice, Lilo, Wendy, Anna, Rapunzel, Elsa, Esmeralda, Jane, Snow White, Hermosa, Pocahontas, Jasmine, Megara, Cinderella, Ariel, Tiana, Aurora, Eloni (or Ilonvi, the main character of the long film) from Disney « The black cat », 1985), Mulan, Kida.

Snow White is the first official Disney princess and also the youngest of all: she was only fourteen years old at the time of the events of the original cartoon.