How many people eat a grilled chicken | 👁

On average, families are made up of 4 people, with which all of them would consume 4 grilled chickens per year (equivalent to sixteen servings of ?).

Grilled Chicken Day resurfaces this year to the delight of millions -and perhaps certain opponents- of Peruvians. Let’s affirm that its proximity to the national data causes the celebration of chicken day to have macho elements. Well, of each and every one of the models that exist in the country, perhaps there is not only a Peruvian who is a grilled chicken.

Charcoal chicken roasters the forge of a delicatessen

Since then, chicken roasters have also evolved, although until recently the main way of roasting chickens was electric ovens and gas ovens. Today, thanks to the innovative roasted chicken, roasted chicken rose to the category of delicatessen dish for Foodies.

And it happens that the charcoal gives them another taste, much more natural and healthy, the «magic» combination that turns this usual dish into a delicacy, is based on choosing an excellent chicken, on the mystery of the seasoning and charcoal


To the surprise of those of us who wrote this article, the preferred drink to eat grilled chicken was not Inca Kola. Chicha morada, also another of Peru’s many gastronomic prides, was crowned the most cited drink, with an overwhelming 79%, as opposed to 21% for soda.

One of the most common discussions among fans of grilled chicken, and chicken in general, is which part is the most exquisite. That the leg is much juicier, that the breast is preferable for the wing, that one fills you up much more than the other. Quantico told us what was the most talked about part in the communities.

What’s wrong with grilled chicken?

Meat foods subjected to cooking with charcoal or firewood, at high temperatures and for a long time, develop flavored hydrocarbons such as benzopyrene, now popular for being carcinogenic. Occasionally eating these foods does not pose any risk.

Grilled chicken is a dish that was born in Peru, precisely in the town of Santa Clara there in 1950.