How long does the battery last on the Motorola Edge 30 | 👁

This Edge 30 Ultra has a 4,6000mAh battery and a 125W fast charging system. The autonomy is adequate, and we will have to abuse the camera and games to drain the battery at the end of the day. Screen time, with mixed use of 5G, Wi-Fi and certain games, was close to 6 hours of screen time.

Why is my MOTOROLA EDGE 30 phone draining so quickly?

The battery of your MOTOROLA EDGE 30 can be drained quickly for many reasons. These are several of the most frequent:

– There are too many automatic alerts and signals draining the MOTOROLA EDGE 30 battery. – There are too many apps running location services. – There are too many apps running in the background. – The MOTOROLA EDGE 30 screen is quite bright. – Your MOTOROLA EDGE 30 screen stays on for a long time before turning off. – MOTOROLA EDGE 30 does not have network service. – MOTOROLA EDGE 30 OS is outdated. – There are extreme temperature variations that affect the MOTOROLA EDGE 30 and the battery. – The MOTOROLA EDGE 30 battery is at the end of its useful life.

A fast charge that, to be honest, could be improved

The Motorola Edge does not lack this alternative, since it allows it to work with a capacity of 18W through the use of a technology called Turbo Energy (a matching power adapter is included). It is true that it has nothing to do with a smart phone that should be considered colossal… far from it. But the truth is that the times we get aren’t exactly the lowest among standard quality models.

In this way, we reach an average of 40% recharge in half an hour, which is not bad but the truth is that currently it is estimated a little more to challenge players like OPPO. The point is that getting out of a bind is not totally bad, but reaching 100% filling takes much more than 2 hours… and that is sometimes high.


Beautiful, narrow and very elegant, in midnight blue or optical white. The Motorola Edge 20 Pro is made with great materials, on the front it has Gorilla Glass with an anti-fingerprint coating and on the back three-dimensional colored and textured glass with incredible brightness. The phone measures 163 x 76 x 7.99mm and is quite light at around 190 grams.

Regarding the composition, at the bottom of the device we can find the USB-C port, a speaker, the main microphone and the tray for the NanoSIM card, and at the top a secondary microphone. On the sides there is a distribution of buttons placed in a very awkward way, the button to enter the assistant on the left, the volume buttons and the unlock button on the right, all at a height that if you hold the smartphone tends to be very difficult to achieve.

As a conclusion, maintaining the maximum capacity of our battery is dependent on our good use.

  • Do not charge our cell phone with car chargers: If you need to charge it in the car, first look at the voltage, the charging speed and that the car battery is new and well monitored. If the vehicle’s battery emits many voltage rises and falls, we have the possibility of mismatching or reducing the charging capacity of our smartphone or even ending up damaging it.
  • Prevents charging via USB with our PC, tablet or inappropriate gadgets: Never do it when the battery is very low. Do not do the usual, since the electrical voltage can be much more unbalanced and the charge much slower. It is convenient to charge it in a charger to protect our battery and thus prolong its useful life.
  • Never leave the furniture in a drawer for a long time without using it, although turning it off could end up emptying it and not turning it on again.

To extend the life of our battery there are apps that reduce its consumption, we recommend Battery Doctor (Spanish):

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Let’s move on to what we all care about: the phone’s battery. It has 4020 milliampere-hours that is fed by a 33W turbo, with which the smartphone can be charged from 0 to 100 in just 52 minutes. In addition, you will be able to have half a charge in just 20 minutes; However, not everything is roses. Although the charging time is very short, the phone does not provide 24h of battery life. In short, on a day with little use, the cell phone was on for up to 13 hours. On the other hand, on days when the phone needs a lot of use, it gets 9 hours of autonomy.

Last but not least, the camera section. You have to know that the cell phone has three sensors: 50MP for the main lens with optical image stabilizer; Wide angle of 50 MP and 2 MP for the depth lens. All three lenses fit really well, with which you will be able to find clean photos and vivid colors.