How do I know if he really loves me?

How do I know if he really loves me?

When a friend in a confession plan asks us how to know if he really loves me? Well, it is something that we cannot know 100%, but I do agree that there are some details that could tell us if they love us or if it is something that could be temporary. That is why today we bring some tips to know if that person really loves us. Keep reading us.

Keep your promises

When a person loves another, he genuinely cares about that person. And among other things, that means never making a promise in vain. If he always keeps what he promises you, you should not doubt that he will also keep his promise to love you.

Includes you in their decisions

In a love relationship, it is important that each party retain a certain independence, but there are certain decisions that we should not make without consulting our partner. After all, especially if the couple lives under the same roof, any individual decision will affect both people: as much as you think otherwise, the way you spend your time and money will have consequences for the relationship. Someone who loves you will consult with you on important decisions, at least to know what you think.

Support your mood swings

In general, we are not always in the same mood, either due to economic family problems or at work because our mood fluctuates. If our partner is there to support us, and additionally supports these changes, then he truly loves us.

pay attention to what you say

A person who loves you will listen to your thoughts and give feedback to help you think about it, and he won’t interrupt you to talk about something else he wants to talk about.

It is present in the worst moments

We all have difficult moments. Those in which, the truth, we can’t even stand ourselves. But if your partner does not accompany you in those times when you feel bad about everything and helps you get ahead, it is because he seriously loves you and wants to spend his life with you.

Trust yourself

Mistrust is the main cause of death of love. When you don’t trust the person next to you, it’s very difficult to maintain the bond. Therefore, if your partner trusts you, they will never ask you silly questions and will encourage you to do what you like even if they are not invited.

Show your affection physically

Not all couples need the same sexual frequency to function, but they all need some physical contact. Love must be shown daily with small gestures. If your partner does not have any sign of affection towards you, it is possible that he has stopped loving you.

Includes you in their plans for the future

True love is imagining yourself forever with the other person. If the person talks about the future and always includes you in it, then there is a high chance that he truly loves you.

He is interested in what you think

If he really loves you, he will be interested in knowing what you think, whether you are thinking about something trivial, or something really deep and important. If he really loves you, he will ask for your advice and opinion.

defends you

It is common that, in couples that have been together for a long time, the parties comment on the defects of their partners, something that is especially worrying if it is done in a group and in the presence of the loved one. And it is an obvious sign that things are not going well. On the contrary, if someone is still in love, he will defend her partner as much as possible.

Respect your environment

We all bring a history with us, which includes our family, our friends, our spaces of belonging. A person who does not respect them and takes you away from them does not love you in a healthy way. Instead, someone who truly loves you will always take care of what is important to you.

he says he misses you

If you and your partner can’t see each other for a few days, but keep in touch with texts, calls, or emails saying they miss you, then they can’t imagine life without you. For example, they go on vacation for 3 weeks and they don’t talk all that time, so it’s difficult for there to be love.

Your partner opens up to you

That is, if he tells you what he thinks, what his fears are and what he wants. If he doesn’t suppress anecdotes from his childhood, confess his mistakes, remember painful moments or share with you dreams about the future, the fact that he can tell you something like that means that he truly loves you and feels comfortable with you.

supports you in your goals

Sometimes we have some very crazy goals, those in which nobody believes only us. If your partner loves you, he will always support you in achieving your goals, and will never ask you to leave them or tell you to choose between his love and what you really want in life. On the contrary, he may be able to sacrifice himself so that you fulfill yours.

will have details

A person who loves you will have details with you. Not just flowers or chocolates like most do.

He will invite you to do something special. It will place the song that you like so much. Or it will simply get you that book you always wanted and could never buy.

respect your space

If he really loves you, then not only will he want to be on top of you all the time, but he’ll also recognize times when you need to be alone. If he wants to be with you all the time, it is not love, but almost an obsession. As love matures, people realize that it is necessary to do things separately to maintain their identity.

We hope that this article regarding How to know if he really loves me?, has managed to bring you closer to the answer you are looking for. Just remember that regardless of whether that person loves you or not “The most important thing is that we love ourselves”, everything is based on that, only then can we truly love others and that love be reciprocal.