How are shoes called in Cuba | 👁

In Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico and Cuba they are known as tennis, although they also have other terms.

What is the name of the shoe in Cuba?

In Chile and Argentina they say slippers, in Spain (or at least in Galicia) and Cuba tennis, in Bolivia small ones and in Venezuela rubber slippers.

How they call the shoe in South America In Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico and Cuba they are known as zapatillas, although they also have other terms. In Colombia “guayos” and in Costa Rica and Cuba “tacos”. In Ecuador and Venezuela they are known as rubber shoes, while in Uruguay they are known as fungi.

Costa Rica

  • Flip flops
  • Flip flops
  • Sandals
  • Flip flops

p lang =» es » dir = »ltr»> In Costa Rica, slippers, slippers or sandals. The first is the much more used.


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Low heel shoes

Low-heeled shoes are very comfortable, very correct to go to work and if you have to walk a certain distance.

There are also people who choose these heels over flats, because it is easy to get used to.

How do they say shoes in Panama?


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