Nobody likes to wait, especially if we are in a hurry. Whether it’s an unforeseen work trip, family emergency, missed flight, or some other reason that requires you to leave in a hurry, you sure don’t want to be left at the mercy of a waiting list.

Every airline always has one of these lists, but it is just a way of keeping track, for those people who are waiting for an available seat on the plane and are willing to board at any time of the day or the next. This results in long hours of waiting and uncertainty, which may cause you a lot of stress, as well as affect you emotionally. It can also disrupt you financially, as you may have to pay more for the ticket.

How can you avoid traveling on the waiting list? If it is a planned trip, do your best to book your flight in advance and try to be at the airport at least 2 hours before the time stipulated on your ticket; this is important, as this way you can avoid possible traffic jams, which will cause you to be delayed and result in the loss of your flight.

If, on the other hand, you are traveling for a family or work emergency, do not wait until you arrive at the airport to find out if there are seats available. While you’re packing your suitcase or waiting for the taxi to take you to the terminal, check airline websites for tickets, some have apps you can install on your smartphone where you can quickly buy tickets, which is very convenient and you can make your way to the airport.

If you inevitably find yourself on the waiting list, you should be aware that there are those who have priority boarding. This is the case of passengers in transit and airline employees who have to reach the destination for work reasons, they will be able to board before you.

When traveling this way, you should also think about your luggage. Do you have problems with your suitcase reaching its destination first? If so, we recommend that you go prepared with a handbag and everything you need in it. There is a possibility that your bags are not traveling on the same plane as you. Your bags will be checked on the first flight you check in, but if you don’t make it on, then your bags will arrive first.

Something very important is that you must be attentive at all times, and listen carefully when called. Once you have purchased your standby ticket, it may still be unclear which flight to board. It is important to know that the positions for people on the waiting list are announced only a few minutes before the departure of the flight, so be prepared to board at any time. Continue to ask at the counter about flight status and your chances of catching the next plane so you’re prepared.

Being on the waiting list does not guarantee that you will be able to board the next flight; if you find yourself in one, be patient, this will be your best ally. While you wait for your call, catch up on your favorite book. Time will pass quickly and before you know it, you will already be boarding the plane to your next destination.