Within the context of universal energy, human beings have specific points in our body where that energy manifests itself by acting directly on our lives, from the physical and organic point of view to our most basic attitudes and behaviors. These points are the chakras, which act as energy centers of the body, through which the force and essence of life itself flows; and in which each organ, tissue and system of our organism is connected with that vital energy, influencing the physical, mental and emotional aspects.

Basically there is talk of seven chakras, although some specialists on the subject maintain that there are more, but in this article we will base ourselves on the seven main ones. Each of the seven charas or vortices of energy acts on a specific area of ​​the body and are generally activated or deactivated separately, but ideally, they should all be as balanced as possible.

If our seven chakras are balanced, the individual will have a feeling of general well-being, his development will be fluid and he will enjoy physical, mental and emotional health, connected with the universe and with the universal energy of love. But, if one or several chakras are blocked, all the others begin to malfunction, and we lose our inner balance, hence it is very important to know what they are associated with, the symptoms that occur when they are unbalanced and what should be done. in those cases. For this reason, here is a summary of this information:

The first chakra counting from the bottom of the body is the so-called root chakra or also known as «Muladhara», which is associated with the material, it is the one that ties us to the earth, connecting with the places where we feel safe. This chakra is located at the base of the spine or the coccyx and its associated color is red.

Situations in which the root chakra is probably blocked are related to the generation of feelings of guilt, fear and rootlessness, when the person has to face conflicts, problems and/or daily situations that require objectivity, decision making , self-confidence and security, so when the chakra is blocked, these qualities that the individual must possess are weakened.

On the other hand, if the root chakra is blocked, the person loses the ability to concentrate to carry out the tasks or tasks of their daily routine, at work, home or in the social environment where they operate.

To unblock this chakra, it is convenient to perform physical exercises such as walking, jogging, doing aerobics routines, dancing, or walking barefoot; while emotional exercises should be based on activities to strengthen self-confidence, such as meditations, spiritual retreats, and the practice of the «Lam» mantra.

Likewise, the practice of aromatherapy with patchouli is very favorable, since this essential oil is associated with the earth, helping to recover the connection with this element, recover strength and vitality.

the second is the sacral chakra or svadhisthana, associated with the color orange, it is located in the lower abdomen, below the navel, and is linked to free and full sexuality, without guilt or remorse. In this way, when this chakra is blocked, there is a limitation of the free expression of the personality, fears arising that limit the enjoyment of sexual relations, generating deficiencies with the healthy sexual impulse.

To unlock it, exercises must be performed through which the hips have to be moved and/or rotated, for example dances such as merengue, salsa, belly dance, etc., as well as swimming, saunas, thermal pools. or hot tubs.

The mantra for this chakra is «Vam». If you prefer aromatherapy, you can use pink pepper, which stimulates the erotic nature, and favors the elimination of personal and social prejudices.

The third chakra is the solar plexus chakra (yellow) located in the center of the body, between the intestines and the heart, linked to the mental body. When it is blocked, diseases appear in the digestive system, heartburn, stomach pain, ulcers and chronic fatigue, among other conditions.

From the emotional point of view, people often feel inferiority complexes, dissatisfaction, insecurity and lack of self-confidence; becoming difficult to make decisions and act on them and there is lack of control of emotions.

The best way to unblock the third chakra is by running or walking fast, which is very favorable for releasing tensions. Likewise, a pillow can be used to hit a surface (bed, furniture, sofas, etc.), in order to release negative energies and drain emotions. Habits must also be changed and positive routines must be re-established on a day-to-day basis, repeating the “Ram” mantra and resorting to aromatherapy, through the use of black pepper, which helps to overcome past conflicts that limit the present.

The fourth chakra is associated with the heart and the color green, and is known as the Heart chakra or Anahata. It is located in the center of the chest and represents the feelings of love towards others. When it is blocked, there are problems expressing feelings and accepting others, inability to relate to others in a healthy way and to open up to the outside world; as well as heart or coronary diseases originate.

To unblock this chakra, breathing exercises are recommended, beginning with a nasal breath that should begin with the abdomen, chest and collarbones; exhaling slowly in the same order to completely expel the air. It is also convenient to carry out some social or humanitarian work, and if you do not have the possibilities, you should at least try to interact effectively with other people.

It is convenient to frequently repeat the mantra «Iam», which is associated with this chakra, as well as to apply pine essential oil in the area to favor the restoration of the heart when emotions are out of control.

The throat chakra or Visuddha, located in the throat area and associated with the color blue, is the fifth chakra and is related to the role that each individual must play in society, associated with the ability to meet the objectives and goals set. When it is blocked, throat problems and difficulties with the voice usually occur; as well as difficulties in communication with others, to assume responsibilities and self-esteem problems.

To unblock this chakra, it is advisable to perform singing and vocalization exercises, as well as letting off steam by shouting as much as possible in a lonely place. In addition, making turns of the neck and movements of the same in all directions is highly recommended to unblock this chakra.

It is also recommended to repeatedly and systematically pronounce the mantras «Ham» and «Om» and use lavender essential oil, which harmonizes and balances energies, improving interaction and communication with others.

The Third Eye chakra or Ajna is the sixth, and is located on the forehead, in the area between the eyebrows, connecting us with thoughts, which are basic to visualize and understand realities and generate ideas. The color associated with this chakra is indigo blue, and it is directly related to the pineal gland, to which the connection with the spiritual world and divine energy is attributed.

When this chakra is blocked, there could be a lot of mental confusion, headaches, vision problems and inability to visualize goals and dreams. To unblock this chakra, it is recommended to massage the eyes and eyebrows with the fingertips, keeping the eyelids closed, as well as circularly massaging the temples.

On the other hand, it is convenient to carry out guided meditations, trying to visualize geometric figures, while repeating the mantra «Ksham». In the field of aromatherapy, it is recommended to use lemon essential oil, because it favors the connection of the mental body with intuition, facilitating the organization of thoughts and information.

The seventh chakra located at the crown of the head, is the so-called crown chakra or sahasrara, which is associated with the color violet, connecting us directly with the spiritual plane and knowledge. If the person has this chakra blocked, his ego increases, his willingness to dominate everything around him, becoming self-centered, arrogant, dependent and loses autonomy. In addition, there may be difficulty believing, developing rigidity in belief systems and narrow-mindedness.

It is recommended to practice yoga to unblock this chakra, because it is the physical activity with which the greatest connection with transcendence and spirituality is achieved. It is also advisable to perform any type of meditation and prayer, as well as the repetitions of the mantra «Om» through deep breathing and relaxation, which help to leave the mint blank for about half an hour.

On the other hand, the seventh chakra is activated especially with lime oil, which is beneficial for clarifying the mind and improving the perception of truth.

Finally we are going to present a simple exercise to activate and balance the seven chakras, considering the importance of all being balanced and unblocked, so that the energy flows and our body can be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy.

-Choose a very comfortable place, preferably lying down, with your hands on your chest.

-Breathe deeply to facilitate relaxation. Once relaxed, try to visualize the colors of each chakra in the specific point that corresponds to it, regardless of the order, just let the images that come to your mind flow.

-Go through the area with those rays of colored light, and mentally repeat the mantras associated with each chakra, or alternatively use the «om» only.

-Make positive affirmations about your physical and emotional health.

-Rest for about five minutes before opening your eyes.

These sessions can last as long as you consider necessary, and accompany them with incense of the fragrance you prefer and appropriate music, to promote a suitable environment and flow the energies.