Hong Kong is located at the southern cost of China; it has a total land area of ​​1104 kmtwo It is divided into four parts; the “Kowloon” peninsula, offshore islands, the new territories and, Hong Kong Island. This amazing city is one of the most relevant financial and trading centers of the world. However, it was part of the United Kingdom until 1997.

The name Hong Kong means fragrant harbor. With this name it was made a review to a small bay. It was one of the first meeting points between local fisherman and Anglo-Saxon sailors. The fragrant designation could have been named like that because of the waters of the Pearl River or perhaps to the exquisite aroma of the incense made in the factories that were surrounding the walled city of Kowloon before its destruction in 1993.

When walking down the streets of Hong Kong you can go to plenty of ancient places. This place is considered the world city of Asia, where you can find everything: paintings, china wear, manuscript, imperial embroidery, parchment, and historic pictures. If you go to Hollywood road or Cat Street you will find a paradise between the shops and the galleries.

As well, you can find both the Chinese typical cloth and the trendiest cloth in the markets or boutiques. Honk Kong is the perfect destination for a lot of tourist who year after year made their shopping in this great city, consider the capital city of fashion.

At the same time you will enjoy the food when having more than 12000 restaurants to choose and try the extraordinary eastern food. One of the famous foods is the dried seafood in soups. Also, you can try flowers tea, herbs tea or the famous green tea. Which also would make a perfect gift when you come back home, especially because the wrapping is really creative. If you are looking for a cheerful drink you can try the rice liqueur.

Hong Kong has more jewelry shops per square than any other city in the world. It is a business that is unique because of the stunning jewels they produce, especially the ones with Jade on them. They believe that jade makes bad luck go away. Accrediting his fervor with the achievement and exhibition of innumerable gems and precious stones.

The watches are one of the most valued accessories and jewels. They have plenty of demand; they can offer a huge variety of clothes for every occasion to the locals and the tourism. Besides you can find both jewelry shops with jewels made with the most authentic jewels and by the most professional designers from the world and also shops with good quality imitations. In YouTube you can watch images of Hong Kong in the video “sector policy”.

Hong Kong is an electronic city by excellence, where mobile phones and all sorts of devices make the difference. As well, there are plenty of shops that sell beauty products with both international and national products. Walking in Hong Kong is such a truly grateful experience that you would like to do it over and over again any time you can. It is a very special place where the current things merge without making aside the traditional spirit of the locals.