Protection amulets are powerful aids against negative forces, you can make them at home, in a simple way. These relics are used by many people for different purposes, mainly looking for a means of defense against the energies coming from evil; but the most important thing is to place all our faith at the time of doing them.

Amulets are divided into two classes, those that are worn on some part of our body and those that are hung or kept in certain places in the house, office and specific places, where it is convenient to place them. Therefore, they protect the person according to certain elements used; for this we will indicate how to make them with components and ingredients that you can easily find, and also with a comfortable and fast procedure.

Amulet of protection against sorceries: To make it you will need a small wooden crucifix, which represents Christ the Redeemer, a red bag made with velvet fabric, parchment paper, a pinch of sand, three pieces of grain salt, a white candle, a picture of Saint Michael the Archangel. Put the Christ in the bag with the sand and salt, then you will take the paper, cutting a small piece where you will write your name, folding it seven times, close it and place it in front of the image of Saint Michael, lighting the candle until it is consumed, you will take the amulet and will carry it next to his chest, without being noticed.

Amulet to attract protection in your home: use miniature lodestone, placing it in a small white bag, where you will put a cross made with dry palm leaves, a small piece of coconut shell, photos of each of the people who live in the house, a large purple candle and the image of Saint Michael the Archangel. Place the sack in front of the saint, with the candle lit, at the end of it, place the amulet above the entrance door, disguising it with some ornament so that no one can see it.

Amulet against envy at work: in a red cloth bag, he will keep seven dry leaves of rue, a medal of Santa Marta, seven anise seeds, he will write separately all the letters of his name, rolling each one of them, introducing them in the bag at random; this is for the purpose of confusing his enemies; he will also require a picture of Santa Marta, the image of a snake on paper and a white candle. Arrange the bag in front of Santa Marta, light the candle and burn the paper with the drawing of the snake, collect the ashes by depositing them in the saddlebag, then you can place it inside your bag that you will carry every day to work.

With positivism everything can be achieved, manipulating good energies in our favor is something we can do, as long as we do not cause any harm to others, always thinking of the best. On the “YouTube” channel “Eva López Vidente”, they will explain how to create her own amulet.