The origin of this piece in our wardrobe dates back to the middle of the last century, in 1948 when a German dressmaker, Sonja de Lennart, was on her summer vacations on the Island of Capri located in the Mediterranean, in southern Italy. At that moment the designer could notice that the wealthy people who were spending their vacations on the island rolled up their pants so as not to wet them, there she thought about how innovative the idea of ​​designing pants above the ankles with the purpose of avoid having to fold them to enjoy the beach at its best.

Capri pants, also known as pirate pants, corsairs or fishermen; They are a very common type of pants today, especially during the summer, although lately they have been used in the winter season with boots. This piece ends at the middle or just at the calf, being popular in women today, although in the beginning they were designed for men.

From the 1950s these pants took off in women thanks to the movie «Funny face» where the protagonist Audrey Hepburn used them with slippers, suggesting them as an alternative for youth to replace the heel and skirt that were used for the moment. Different actresses of the time decided to follow this fashion, which is why this type of pants in a short time had been imposed in the fashion of millions of women who demanded them more vehemently every day.

The fashion for capri pants remained at the height of popularity during the 1960s, although in the years that followed between the 1970s and the late 1990s they suffered a decline in popularity, leading many to believe that it would be the end. of that fashion piece. However, in the early 2000s they became a trend again, being the favorites of millions of women and girls around the world, until they were replaced by wide-leg pants and later by “little tube” pants.

In 2018, capri pants have returned to form part of the summer collection of the main fashion houses, being the protagonists of the outfits in various colors and models. It seems then that this versatile garment is already part of the classics of our fashion and that its seasons will be cyclical, for this reason we recommend those who have these pants at home, not to get rid of them, since they will constantly be returning to be part of our wardrobe and will make us feel that we are in the latest fashion, be it summer or winter.