The brain is capable of performing many functions, including those that are considered parapsychological phenomena. Some people claim that there is a process that allows the transmission of messages between one mind to another, which is called telepathy, but it is considered a great mystery, because no one knows if that can really happen.

scientifically, telepathy is defined as the transmission of thought at a distance without the need to use any technology to encourage such communication. It is a kind of “mobile communication” between two human brains. Thousands of people say they have experienced it, but so far, it has never been proven by experts.

It should be noted that in the transmission of messages through telepathy, there is no use of the 5 senses, for that reason, the main argument of telepathy is the communication of individuals without technology. Some people claim that the human brain can produce enough energy to transmit information by itselffrom brain to brain by brain waves that are transformed into a message.

Scientists say it has been indicated that telepathy, from the physics point of view, is not viable. There is no section of the brain that can act as a transmitter or receiver of remote communications. Neither does the electromagnetic power of the brain have the capacity to send information, and there is no known means through which it can be performed.

now iIn the framework of classical physics, telepathy is impossible.. However, in the context of quantum physics, things are different. In fact, many recognized physicists have referred to this phenomenon and do not close the doors to the possibility of telepathic communication. The issue is not closed.

These are just some arguments for why it is considered a mystery if telepathy exists or nota large part of the specialists leave it for each person’s opinion on this phenomenon, and highlight it as a possible alternative that can be provided in the future and used as a means of effective communication between individuals.

There are anecdotes and testimonies that affirm that this process or mental power and cognitive interrelation does exist. For example, people who anticipate what the other person will say at a certain time. Others clarify that telepathy can be learned and one of the processes that must be carried out in order to transmit a message telepathically is to meditate, to quiet the mind, to achieve balance. You must work on it for a few minutes, to truly believe in this process in order to achieve the goal successfully.

In short, it cannot be determined if telepathy exists or not, this remains a great mystery for humanity and for science, but if you want to try it, you must keep in mind that you must believe that this process is trueyou must have an open mind and eliminate physical perceptions, separate the physical body and focus only on the mind and its thoughts.