Guardian Angel of those born between October 4 to 8 –

Rehael is the guardian angel of Libras born between October 4 and 8. This angel, which means «God who receives sinners», is related to sharing, healing and understanding. Being a male angel, Rehael symbolizes filial love. Thanks to him, you have great respect for the family and have a lot of love to offer. It is a great help for healing and regeneration, so you are dynamic and vital.

He symbolizes: Judgment and listening. It offers an intense kind of love that brings balance to the relationships at the heart of the family. He makes it possible for diseases to be healed and bestows God’s mercy on you. Angel Raphael’s stone is Rose Quartz and its colors are Turquoise / Turquoise. Of the 7 royal attributes, he rules: The Crown.

Characteristics of the protected

Those born under this angel are people aware of the errors of humanity, and seek to give meaning to their lives by giving this knowledge to others.

This angel grants his wards the gifts of patience, observation and ease of learning on a spiritual level. They are sincere, kind and altruistic people, who know how to distinguish between good and evil, and for this reason they try to solve the doubts of their peers in order to contribute to the salvation of each person who approaches them looking for a spiritual guide. put them back on the right path. On a physical level, they know well that their healthy mind in a healthy body is the best way to stay well, and for this reason they strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Those influenced by this Angel will understand better than anyone that what comes to them from their father will be what is good and true. They will be perfect executors of the father’s will, even when they do not fully understand his motives.

And as such they will be good followers. All this as long as the essence is well used, because in the event that it is assimilated on the contrary, we can find serious problems in the father-son relationship, and this can lead to mental complications or deep sadness, complexes, depression, etc.

Otherwise they will be protected from these circumstances. Rehael is even suitable for curing mental illnesses and obtaining God’s mercy. Add that he dominates health, longevity and, as has already been exposed, father-son love.

How does it help us?

  • The light of Rehael and the Name gives us the discernment necessary to discriminate between good and evil.
  • Healing at all levels.
  • It teaches us the lessons of moral discipline and ethics.
  • It is the bridge between the Jewish holidays of Yom Kippur and the festival of Sukkot.
  • It gives us mental discipline in order to reach a state of deep meditation.
  • The greatest quality of this angel is forgiveness, for which it must be invoked to receive forgiveness and divine mercy, as well as for the cure of diseases.
  • It dominates health and longevity of life.
  • It influences paternal and filial love, on the obedience and respect of children towards their parents.
  • Destroy the evil within.
  • Change negative situations into positive ones.
  • The angel Rehael reminds us of God’s promise to man, that of avoiding destroying humanity.

psalm to invoke him

Invoking Rehael allows you to combat shyness, show discernment, and have a strong sense of family with a paternal/maternal instinct and elevated filial love. Guardian of harmony, Rehael establishes love and understanding between family members, especially between parents and children. This guardian angel allows you to heal quickly both physically and psychically. You become aware of your responsibility while protecting yourself from negative feelings.

To invoke his strength and power, first pray the chosen psalm or psalms, then call him by name and finally make the specific request you want to make.

» You have turned my dirge into a dance; You untied my sack, and girded me with joy.»


REHAEL: God who receives sinners.

Listen, Lord, have mercy on me. Lord, come to my aid.

REHAEL, Lord, make everything in my life as it should be.

Help me so that I don’t transfer my problems, my commitments, to others.

Give me strength so that I can carry out my essential task myself, and not feel the desire

of carrying on the shoulders of my children my own duties with spirituality.

Give me lucidity, REHAEL, to make the decisions that are imposed, to download myself

of business, properties, habits, and being able to leave, free of weight, towards companies


I need your help, Lord, to precede the sacrifice of my feelings and so that my

reason accept the transition to a world of new values.

Deliver me from the temptation, Lord, to leave my task for another generation, making my

Children live the duty that You have imposed on me.

Hear my prayer, Eternal, and make the ray of your supreme lucidity reach me.

REHAEL encourages:

You have received from me, pilgrim, infinite transmuting powers.

It is in your power to change evil into good, as long as your emotional nature is

ready for the work.

Long has been the road you have traveled and you are already in a privileged situation

The one who opens his eyes and begins to see.

Hopefully you can not get confused and do moral and not material work.

If you are looking for financial compensation, you will come across the problem of someone who

pretends to put camels through keyholes, and that’s when you’ll ask

help your children, your servants, accomplices who will waste their talent on impossible

and vain companies.

And anger will explode in you like a volcano, before the collapse of your buildings.

If this happens to you, pilgrim, turn your eyes towards me and you will find the North again.

Obey the law of the Father, try to be the son sacrificed in the fulfillment of the task