Guardian Angel of those born between October 19 and 23

Mikael is the guardian angel of those born under the sign of Libra between October 19 and 23. He means «like God.» He is a symbol of diligence, insight and organization, he helps to structure ideas and put order in the mind. Mikael is a masculine angel who symbolizes organization, allowing you to put your ideas and life in order with great ease.

He symbolizes: The call of one. He offers help to those who seek to shine in the field of politics and calling him will guarantee a pleasant trip. It will also help develop their sense of diplomacy and their diplomatic talents so that they can be successful in their endeavours. Angel Mikael’s stone is Obsidian and his colors are Blue/Orange. Of the 7 Arms of the Knight, he rules: The Cuirass.

Characteristics of the protected

People born under the protection of Mikael are usually ambitious, they love challenges, difficulties that allow them to exploit their full potential. Strategists, they do not hesitate to put into practice everything to reach their goal, even if it is necessary to eliminate an annoying competitor. As defenders of the truth, they control their enemies by exposing their intentions, which makes them good strategists. Your ambition and willpower push you to accept any challenge.

They will occupy themselves with political affairs, they will be curious, they will want to know the secrets of the cabinets and the news from abroad, and they will distinguish themselves in the affairs of the State by their knowledge of diplomacy.

How does it help us?

If you move often in your work or in your personal life, pray to the angel Mikael and he will offer you his protection to help you avoid accidents on your journey. This guardian angel can be called upon no matter what type of journey you are on.

You should ask for the clairvoyance of the angel Mikael if you work in the field of politics, as he is able to help you take the right path and make the right decisions to lead the public towards a more wonderful future. This angel likes respect for the law but he also appreciates order in general.

If you are a teacher in both the public and private sectors, it will give you the ability to transmit your knowledge so that you can contribute to the construction of society. In the world of education and teaching, the power of the patron angel Mikael is incomparable.

The connection with this Angel helps to create awareness of the decisions and choices we make in our lives. It has to do with the construction of our destiny over the things that supposedly happen to us.

Mikael does not give his blessing to allow the secrets to be revealed to us. Revelation of the hidden, connecting with the secrets of things, spiritual learning.

The angel Mikael puts us in contact with the designs of the angelic and celestial planes; he places us in the free participation of the planes of the Universe. He allows us to be aware that sometimes we receive elements from the celestial planes; we feel the urge to pass them on, the urge to pass them on to others, and yet we experience rejection on his part.

It is good to meditate with Maikel before studying Torah.

This angel related to virtues is invoked to receive protection on long trips, and also to prevent loss of our material possessions.

It influences businessmen, high society and reveals conspiracies and political and social disorders.

Mikael does not give his blessing to allow the secrets to be revealed to us.

psalm to invoke him

To invoke his strength and power, first pray the chosen psalm or psalms, then call him by name and finally make the specific request you want to make.

“The Lord will keep you from all evil: He will keep your soul.”

Psalm 121, verse 7


MIKAEL: Virtue of God, House of God, Similar to God. The Lord will keep you from

all evil, He will guard your soul.

Lord MIKAEL, grant me the privilege of instituting order on Earth

who rules in heaven.

Make my intelligence understand the divine measures and then guide me towards the

circumstances that will allow me to externalize them.

May your light illuminate me so that I can spread only what is in accordance

to the golden rules.

Do not excite my curiosity towards profane things and make me a person avid for

cosmic secrets.

Do not allow, Lord MIKAEL, to serve another sovereign other than you, or to hold

other power than that which comes to me directly from your throne.

Keep me, Lord, in your obedience, do not separate me from the sphere of your love.

MIKAEL exhorts:

You have been called, pilgrim, to conquer the world of the possible.

I do not want from you sublime buildings that, because they are premature, are inoperative.

I want you to build for the time in which you live and to do it, not on firm stone,

but through laws, through regulations.

You must offer your brothers a framework in which it is possible for them to live spirituality

in which it is comfortable for them to do so, so that they can thus acquire habits that must be

allow them to raise their human edifice.

So that you can carry out this work without setbacks, I will watch over you as

I did with Cain; I will put on you the sign of the elect and at night, when


I will welcome you in my house so that your soul breathes my virtues.

If you follow in the footsteps of my name, you will rise above your contemporaries

and you will be like God.