Guardian Angel of those born between March 7 to 11 –

Jabamiah is the guardian angel of people born between March 7 and 11. He has a feminine energy and represents the 15th and 20th degrees of Pisces. In the hierarchy of angels he is an Angel, he is part of the sefirah of Yesod, and his ruling Archangel is Gabriel. His planetary energies are the Moon/Venus and he represents the element of Water. His name means: God who brings all things.

He symbolizes: Regeneration. It offers regeneration of the physical body as well as troubled minds as well. He brings divine fruitfulness to all of his endeavors. Angel Jabamiah’s stone is Aquamarine and his colors are Blue/Green. Of the 7 senses, he rules: Taste.

Characteristics of the protected

People born between the dates of March 05 to 09, come into the world under the influence of the Angel Jabamiah, are independent and intuitive beings, they are usually outside the established canons. They are people who move away from materialism and inaction, they have a rebellious spirit that will fight against social injustices.

These individuals will always be with a confident and optimistic attitude, in all aspects of their lives, work, social and sentimental. They can be somewhat reserved and introspective, but very attentive to everything that happens around them and capturing the needs of people, ready to take action when the occasion calls for it.

They are serious people who have nothing to hide, they try to live their lives coherently, with a strong character, they will be able to lead big projects. They live an austere life and material things are not their concern, they are beings rewarded by the power of the angelic world.

They will exercise their spiritual side trying to regenerate things and beings, trying to get them out of the darkness to bring them into the light. They may be interested in mystical subjects and be connoisseurs of the occult sciences and essential mysteries, they will always seek the truth.

Professionally, Jabamiah’s protégés will have a certain tendency for activities related to the human sciences, teaching and esotericism. They could also pursue literature, philosophy, or pursue careers in medicine or veterinary medicine.

What can I ask the angel Jabamiah?

If you want to offer better support to the dying, you can ask for the help of the angel Jabamiah. This is because in cases of death, he is the one who guides the first steps of the deceased person in the afterlife. He helps one to leave his physical body and then inhabit a spiritual body of light.

If you are currently seeking treatment for illnesses related to your digestion, stomach and intestines, kidney stones, or treatment for liver problems, etc., call on the patron guardian angel Jabamiah and he can help you through this difficult period.

If you wish to bring good out of evil, he can help you by offering you enlightenment in this area. No matter what questions you have, don’t hesitate to ask this guardian angel who is your patron and protector.


JABAMIAH: Verb that produces all things.

In the Beginning, Elohim, El-Los-Dioses, the Being of Beings, had created in principle the

which constitutes the existence of the heavens and the earth.

JABAMIAH: Lord who produces all things, make me the living receptacle and

aware of your verb.

Fill me, JABAMIAH, with your presence; lucky that when the world calls me to

action, be your strength that acts, your voice that orders, your divine genius that


Regenerate in me, Lord JABAMIAH, everything that is not in accordance with divine law and

Keep me, Lord, from the vanity of thinking that my works are mine and not yours.

Allow, JABAMIAH, that the circumstances be conducive to the expression of your verb,

and put before me the right people so that your seed bears fruit in them.

And if my work is pleasing in your eyes, take me, Lord, before the throne of God.

JABAIMIAH exhorts:

God has reserved this space for me so that before the end of the hard day, those

who wish and yearn to be able to recover their lost dignity.

In me you have to find, peregnno, your bath of purity.

My waters are no longer bitter for those who decide to drink them, and I want you to be in

land the proclaimer of wonders that I represent.

I want you to be the living example of my powers, to be that corrupt matter that

everyone’s eyes were cleared, and may you be afterwards the builder of the outer temple of the


I want you to leave a sign of me in the stone, to build monuments for me, so that they

make it easy for men to find me, and that you institute me equally in society.

Let everyone know, through you, that although the members of the bodies are broken and

disordered functions, it is enough for you to invoke my strength so that the body

recover its primitive integrity and the soul is clean of larvae.

If you bear witness to me, pilgrim, your name will be inscribed in the records of the