Guardian Angel of those born between December 3 to 7

Hahasiah: This principality helps us learn the lessons of life. It allows us to find God in whatever we do or experience, thus giving a divine and prosperous meaning to our lives. It is ideal to overcome difficulties, and to bring peace where it is needed. Universal Medicine or Philosopher’s Stone.

Universal Medicine, it speaks of an understanding of what causes evil, Hahasiah does it on the causes. The person born under his influence will like abstract sciences, knowledge of the properties of plants and animals and minerals.

Suitable for medicine and making discoveries. More than talking about physicists and chemists, we can talk about alchemists and metaphysicians, since their science is so high that it comes by inspiration.

His name means: Hidden God. He symbolizes: Wisdom. He provides you with a great spirit and allows your soul to move towards spirituality. He will help you in the study and practice of medicine and will support you in the great discoveries. The Hahasiah angel stone is Magnesite and its colors are Violet / Violet. Of the 7 chakras, he rules: Sahasrara (The crown chakra).

Characteristics of the protected

Who is born under the influence of Hahasiah will love the sciences and will feel a special love for knowing the attributes of animals, vegetables and minerals. They will be creative, pure people who will try to live in harmony with nature. Many will want to go beyond their knowledge, trying to unravel the mysteries of the occult sciences.

Your intuition will give you great power to know where to direct your studies. Great magician and priest he will want to understand the divine order and thanks to his knowledge he will obtain much prestige and admiration. They may possess the gift of poetry.

The individuals protected by the Angel Hahasiah will work to find peace among people, and they will face difficulties as necessary accidents in order to advance on the path of enlightenment. They will have simple tastes, and will be austere, understanding that spiritual matters go beyond the world of matter.

They will be people concerned about simple things in life and will find people who deserve their love in the same way, without great fuss. They will enjoy the romanticism of things, painting, literature and art in general, where they will find the sublime as a manifestation of the divine.

How does it help us?

If you work in the medical field, pray to the guardian angel Hahasiah and you will be able to bring true healing to the people around you. This angel encourages your gift for healing, as well as your intuition and knowledge of the occult.

If you have any kind of illness such as ulcers, pain in the lower back or vertebrae, or if you are about to undergo a surgical operation, he will bring you healing thanks to his unconditional love. Once healed, he will also teach you how to continue healing others.

With the help and support of the guardian angel Hahasiah, you will not only treat the symptoms of physical illnesses and pains, but also try to learn and understand the root causes of such ailments. Because of this, he will not allow you to become a crook or a pseudo-therapist who only benefits from the naivety and ignorance of others.

This angel will help you change your behavior if you only use medicine for your own material enrichment or if you are in search of power. He will protect you from any lack of spiritual knowledge in the field of medicine.

Contemplation of divine things and the discovery of the mysteries of Wisdom.

Vocation for medicine.

redemptive mission.

Knowledge of chemistry and physics; revelation of secrets of nature.

Protection against those who abuse good faith, from charlatans and cajolers.

psalm to invoke him

To invoke his strength and power, first pray the chosen psalm or psalms, then call him by name and finally make the specific request you want to make.

“Glory be to the Lord forever; May the LORD rejoice in his works.»

Psalm 104, verse 31


HAHASIAH: Hidden God.

May the glory of the Eternal subsist forever. May the Eternal rejoice in his works.

HAHASIAH: Oh Lord! If you have chosen me to be the arm of your justice and the

Executor of your providence, help me to bear the weight of my mistakes and point to my

account my acts of kindness, so that the balance of my performance on earth

approach your true point.

Instruct me, Lord, about your hidden designs, do not make me your blind instrument;

make my conscience be illuminated with your light.

HAHASIAH exhorts:

You have asked for responsibilities, pilgrim, and the Eternal has listened to your voice: therefore

has now placed under my jurisdiction.

It must not be comfortable or pleasant for you to be the executor of my justice because your

brothers men will not see you as you really are.

In your execution, pilgrim, it is easy for you to get lost, it is easy for you to confuse my powers

with your powers; that you confuse my rigor with your rigor, and that you are thus a creator of

disorder and chaos.

That is why it is necessary that you look for my breath inside you, and if you find it you will see that

in my strictness there lies a hidden goodness, that goodness, peregrine, that allows life


Finding that goodness in you must be your great human adventure.

If you do not find it, if you do not enliven it, if you do not spread it around you, you will have lost the

game and you will be nothing but a poor fox in a world of wolves.