Guardian Angel of those born between April 15 and 20

Lelahel, whose name means «Praiseworthy God», is the angel of healing. He heals ills and wounds, but he also brings harmony, balance and beauty to the lives of those who call upon him. This angel of love invites us to speak with the heart so that the universe enlightens us.

Lelahel is a male angel, a symbol of health and healing. A person born under his influence will have great human significance, but he will love to be talked about and will acquire fame thanks to his talents and above all thanks to his eloquence. Beyond these abilities, Lelahel also allows you to develop beautiful qualities, such as generosity and love of others. He is associated with the deadly sin of lust.

Characteristics of the protected

Who is born under the influence of Lelahel, likes to be recognized, and can become famous for his talent or for his actions. Open and intelligent, even in moments of discouragement, he never utters the word “impossible”, because for him that doesn’t exist. The unknown attracts and fascinates him… If he decides to dedicate himself to literature, he may be very good at fantasy or science fiction.

He has strong psychic power and comes into contact with his guardian angel with the greatest of ease, without «straying» too far when interpreting his messages. Always loving and passionate, he does not know what loneliness is, because family and friends are always close, without sparing his presence for anything. Due to his natural abilities, he can be an excellent astrologer or an excellent physician, especially an alternative medicine or acupuncture therapist.

The ability to deliver and sense of responsibility lead them to be excellent teachers and doctors. Those born under the power of this angel are understanding, intellectual, intuitive and dedicated people. They always seek to share their knowledge with other people, and their wisdom reaches its peak in matters of health.

How does it help us?

This seraph is invoked to ask for the cure of some illness. In this way, we can ask for the healing of any type of illness, whether physical, emotional, psychological, mental or spiritual. Each of those words leads to the next. The Light will make us understand and both will allow us to be aware of who we really are.

You can pray to Lelahel to take care of your physical and spiritual health. Ask him to spread the light of his love within you so that you or someone close to you can receive a speedy healing from an illness.

He also gives you substantial support in your social life. He asks for divine light from him once again to allow you to shine both within and without. This will allow you to act kindly in society, which is greatly appreciated.

If you are an artist, you can turn to him to help you express yourself better in front of people. It can also inspire you if you work in a creative field. The angel Lelahel is a powerful guardian who will bring you love and enlightenment on this plane of your existence.

Angel to achieve spiritual enlightenment and love for others that springs from deep understanding and empathy.

Help for inspiration and artistic faculties, knowledge of sciences.

Lélahel will help you with material needs, erasing the feeling of unnecessary absence, bringing joy of living, happiness and well-being.

Expand our container; prophetic illumination.

Healing at all levels and protection, because the light removes all negativity from us; etc.

It is invoked against bad people and to seek enlightenment in acts of healing.

To get the love of a lucky person, protection against the temptation to acquire the fortune by illicit means.

If you meditate on his name before falling asleep, his name helps you to dream of the truth. As you sleep, your soul will ascend to safe and loving places at night. He wakes up every morning recharged. revitalized. Renewed in body and spirit. Wiser.

psalm to invoke him

To invoke his strength and power, first pray the chosen psalm or psalms, then call him by name and finally make the specific request you want to make.

«Because demanding blood he remembered them: He did not forget the cry of the poor.»


LELAHEL: Praiseworthy God.

Sing to the Eternal who resides in Zion: spread his High Deeds among the peoples.

LELAHEL: I thank you, Lord, for this stop on the road that you offer me.

Allow me, LELAHEL, to share with my brothers the abundant goods with which

you have surrounded me

Inspire me, Lord, the desire to heal the sick; the desire to restore and balance

souls in crisis.

If I must leave memory of myself in the world, allow me, Oh Lord LELAHEL!

May I be remembered for my deeds of kindness, philanthropy, selflessness,

and that my ambition is limited to being the bearer of happy solutions for all.

May the love that inspires, be, Lord, the love that you inspire, that the science that comes out of me,

may your science be, may the art it expresses be that of your divine verb.

LELAHEL exhorts:

I have given you powers to create, so that eternal truths may be expressed through you;

I have given you powers to restore what your brothers, in their human

pilgrimage, they have destroyed, they have rendered obsolete and impossible. I want through you

men live happily; I want you to comfort them, to heal them; I want in your light

see My Light.

For you to be a lighthouse on that arduous path of conquest of consciousness,

I have given you capacity for art and science, I have made you a famous man. I don’t

fraud, do not use that capital for your exclusive benefit.

Tomorrow hard confrontations await you and the good that you now dispense around you

It will be your lifeline.

Pilgrim, you are in the difficult hour of flattery, of honors, of


and you need all the strength of your soul not to be corrupted in the journey.

Keep in touch with me, do not cut yourself off from the source of eternal light.