Guardian Angel of those born between April 10 and 14 –

Mahasiah is the guardian angel of people born between April 10 and 14. He has a feminine energy and represents the 20th and 25th degree of Aries. In the hierarchy of angels he is a Seraphim, he is part of the sefirah of Kether, and his ruling archangel is Metatron. His planetary energies are Neptune/The Sun and he represents the element of fire. His name means: God Savior

He symbolizes: Peace and Harmony. It brings you success in your professional life, protects you during travel and helps you avoid accidents. The Mahasiah angel’s stone is Jade and its colors are indigo and turquoise. Of the 7 deadly sins, he rules: Pride.

Characteristics of the protected

The person born under the influence of this Angel will learn everything they want with ease; she will have a pleasant physiognomy and character and will be passionate about honest pleasures. If she misuses the gifts he gives her, she may have a tendency to licentiousness.

Those who are influenced under the power of this angel seek answers from the universal unknowns, and often manage to see beyond what others could, understanding many of the mysteries that surround life and death.

You will have a tendency to live sumptuous, your house to be enlarged, clear, comfortable, full of flowers and symbolic objects. It will probably have a large library.

Professionally you will be successful in the plastic arts, surely in painting, decoration or work with art objects, using a refined taste and a natural gift.

They easily learn everything. They will always be transforming in the sentimental and in the labor, since they will not measure effort for growth.

In the opposite aspect, it can fall into ignorance, drinking or eating too much, spiritual perversion or religious fanaticism.

It is possible that the greatest quality of those ruled by the angel Mahasiah is their curiosity or nonconformity. They are intellectual, serene, prudent and dedicated people, who can sometimes pass for selfish, but in their wisdom they manage to know when it is good to share some kind of discovery or if it is better to keep mysteries that should not be revealed.

How does it help us?

The angel Mahasiah relates to forgiveness and salvation

It is invoked to achieve the necessary stability to live in complete harmony and peace with the rest of the world.

Live in peace with everyone, ability to know the higher sciences, occult philosophy, theology, learn everything you want with ease.

(Exams and oppositions), to improve character and achieve greater physical beauty.

It confers great serenity and balance, harmonizing and establishing peace both internally and externally.

It brings reconciliation, forgiveness, acceptance and deep understanding, it contains a great power of cleansing and purification of regeneration.

Healing at all levels: physical, emotional, of a relationship, of a situation.

In this way, it erases all karma, all negative traces of the past.

Angel related to healing.

It strengthens the immune system of our soul.

psalm to invoke him

We can invoke our own guardian angel any day at any time, but for those truly important requests we must only do it on their days of regency and respecting their hours of invocation. To invoke his strength and power, first pray the chosen psalm or psalms, then call him by his name and finally make the specific request you want to make. The invocation of the angel Mahasiah must be between 01:20 and 01:40.

To invoke his strength and power, first pray the chosen psalm or psalms, then call him by name and finally make the specific request you want to make.

«They looked at him and were enlightened: and their faces were not ashamed.»


MAHASIAH, saving God.

I have sought the Eternal and He has answered me: He has freed me from all my


MAHASIAH: Do not allow the virtues that you have accumulated in my soul to

become an obstacle to my evolution.

Make me understand, MAHASIAH, that to exercise the magisterium of your high science

It is necessary that you settle the accounts with those who were fellow travelers in the past.

Help me, Lord, so that my reason is not clouded at the moment of trial;

so that I do not identify myself with the tribulation.

And when the dynamics of time have cleaned all the corners of my soul

accept me, Lord, as your minister on earth, give me a place where I can officiate,

where I can bear witness to the Order that you represent.

MAHASIAH exhorts:

Everything is to be done. The world was a garden when I cooled the earth’s crust

so that you could live in it.

You have turned it into a dump, in your image and likeness, because in

you also rot the old evils that you carry, even with pride,

without deciding to transmute them, because in them lies, wickedly, your dignity.

But when you decide to wash your soul, when you decide to ask for the balance of your

account, swallowing all the snakes of your karma, you will no longer be elements

pollutants, and the nature in which you live, in your image and likeness, will recover its

original health.

Iniquitous, perverse, degraded of every kind, in me you will find new titles of

nobility: I will restore your lost dignity and from me you will receive the mandate

to restore to the earth its primitive innocence.

From now on, your task will be to re-create a new Eden.