Thursday, January 04, 2016. Being famous is definitely expensive, not only should you wear clothes from exclusive brands and rub shoulders with the most famous artists; but also be prepared to get the jewel that is in fashion at the moment.

As we evolve, our jewelry does the same. Since 2004 we have seen how many artists have made appearances with jewels in their smile; something that was previously limited to the «look» of rappers or people who are fans of the »hip hop» genre.

grill is the name given to this eccentric piece made of gold and metals encrusted with diamonds, debating among the artists who takes first place for being more original. This trend has been very marked since last year, this being one of the most expensive and striking goldsmiths that someone can acquire.. These garments are adapted to the teeth, serving as a kind of removable marquetry on them, without making any kind of wear.

Obtaining a jewel like this can be worth millions of dollars; since they are made to measure in gold, silver and with diamonds of any dimension. They are really fantastic accessories, few dare to wear them; although the grill It already resonates with the world of fashion and Hollywood stars.

Among our music artists, Miley Cyrus has chosen to wear this magnificent grill; and it is that since 2013 her radical changes in appearance have led her to try other styles, among them, the jewels in her smile. It cannot be denied that this singer is one of the most influential among the youngest, being highly valued; and above all, she with a lot of money to buy various types of dental garments, such as gold teeth.

Wow, musical artists are really great! For sample we have another queen, Katy Perry. We know that the style of the singer does not lead her to be the most suitable for this type of jewelry, but fashion has made many of the girls in Hollywood; wish to be part of this novel dental culture.

Perry definitely wore these gold teeth, adapting them to her style with pink, blue and white diamond stones; combining perfectly with the extravagance of the interpreter. Y Another music diva who couldn’t hold back her gold teeth was Katy’s best friend, Rihanna..