Green onyx: All about this enigmatic stone

Green onyx is a stone that belongs to the onyx family and over time different properties have been attributed to it. It is true that they do not have scientific proof, but more and more people trust their meaning, it is also considered a variety of agate that occurs in green, black, brown and yellow and white bands.

It is an earth mineral that is compacted and shaped like colored quartz. Unlike ordinary quartz, the crystal structure is fine and compact, making it ideal for gems and cameos.


This gem is commonly seen as an amulet, as well as in direct application on the body. However, the most widespread use is in jewelry and costume jewelry, thanks to its excellent qualities. It is a very beautiful stone for rings, earrings, necklaces and all kinds of garments.

It should also be mentioned that this stone is widely used in interior decoration and design. Very often, natural stone is used to create bar counters, stained glass windows and wall panels. Due to its special structure the mineral transmits light well, which is why it is used to create and room dividers. Also, Onyx is suitable for decorative fireplace, walls in the bathroom and sauna.


Green onyx is used to cure diseases related to the abdomen, eyes, nose, skin, etc. It is also useful to control blood pressure, to treat diseases, to treat those who suffer from speech disorders.

Green onyx is associated with the heart chakra and the planet Mercury. It will create a bridge between your upper and lower chakras.

It will help you develop your speaking skills in front of a crowd and will also inspire you to express your thoughts and feelings openly and confidently.

It is a stone that is related to purity and rest. At the time of feeling many worries, fears or tension, it is believed that it provides a positive energy. It is used as a strong support for mental health in the most difficult moments.

Optimism is another characteristic of green onyx. It is a stone that channels negative energy and turns it into positive. Drive away those negative thoughts you may have, drain your negative energy and drive away bad dreams or nightmares.

Green onyx can be used for home protection rituals, to ward off bad energies or to achieve inner peace. It is a stone that can be used at home, in the office, etc. , and also people, that is, it drives away bad vibrations and attracts positivism both in places and in people’s thoughts.

Green onyx also improves memory and learning ability. This gem is associated with the planet Mercury which is an example of intelligence and keen memory. The person who wears or wears this stone has a sharper memory and high intelligence.


Green onyx, according to traditional Spiritualism, promotes success. In Greek mythology, Eros cut off Aphrodite’s nails while she slept, throwing them on a beach, forcing the Fates to turn them into stone, producing onyx.

It is also associated with affection, friendship and love, enhancing sensuality and sexuality. It is said to help increase physical stamina, self-confidence, and mental capacity. It is also used to treat some diseases and physical disorders related to the nose, skin, eyes and abdomen.


The easiest and most common way to clean green onyx is to soak it in salt water. You can let it stay in the water overnight and dry it with a soft cloth. The recommended alternative to salt water is seawater or ocean water if available.

You can also keep your Onyx under running fresh water for a few hours. In this method, you have to be careful not to lose your gem. Another way to clean your Green Onyx is to keep it in dew or rain drops, as nature is always the best cleaner.

Another source of cleansing and charging onyx is to bury it in the ground. It connects with the Earth, and its negative energies are removed.

Sunlight and moonlight are always a great option for charging gemstones. But you have to be careful because the heat can damage the glass. You can place your Green Onyx directly in sunlight or moonlight, and leave it for 10 to 12 hours. The rays of the sun and the moon will remove all negativities from the stone, and it will also become charged.

Another method of cleaning a green onyx is through cleansing. Burn an herb; when smoke comes out, keep the stone in the center so that the smoke surrounds it. Don’t leave the stone in the smoke for a long time, otherwise it will smell like smoke.