Has not happen to you sometimes have seen a dress that doesn’t look nice, but just catches your eye? This usually happens because our eyes are driven by color. The colors and fashion go hand in hand, and in many cases is not the garment that sets the trend but the color of it, making any look highlight and attracts fashion lovers.

Among those colors that have marked trend is the green tonality that has become incentive to build garments that accompany this tone with a stone, jade in this case.

The rock has been revered for thousands of years, and possess great virtues; one of the pieces that have greater blessings in the green jade and currently does not lack in the fads of the moment. The most like tonality of those who follow the fashion is the green a little white, but maintains the proper intensity of the mineral.

This beautiful green color was chosen by the company Pantone as the color of the spring. However, it is perfect to carry in any season and is ideal for all types of skin tone, therefore it is the favorite of many women.

Also, many fashion designers like Zac Posen, bet to incorporate their designs inspired by this beautiful color jade. It has also received a lot of attention because it is increasingly used by brides as the color for their weddings. It is also not limited to fashion, it is also widely used in home decorations, for its relaxing property.

It is important to note that the green is a refreshing tonality, which is usually associated with nature; Likewise, it has been used to symbolize hope, Green helps people feel more comfortable and relaxed.

If you want your wardrobe to glow with the color of jade, be sure to incorporate it into your clothing and accessories: earrings, bracelets and scarves, which are of this color or green jade details, this will make it look very fashionable. Let the jade infect your style with its powerful charm and energy.