Girdles with their advantages and disadvantages They have been a beauty tool for women since ancient times; who always wants to look good, stay presentable and pleasant in the environment where she operates; using different tools to achieve her goal, among which are: makeup, hairstyle, jewelry and other accessories, perfumes, and of course her clothing.

That dynamic and daring woman who does thousands of things at the same time, she is a mother, wife, friend, worker and professional, she does everything possible to fulfill her roles, without leaving her beauty and presence aside; so in many cases she uses elements or accessories that help her have that style that favors her and makes her slimmer, more beautiful and more attractive.

Talking about the history of girdles implies going back to the year 1700 BC when we find its most faithful predecessor known as corset, this was initially used by the Greek civilization especially on the island of Crete, where the Greeks in search of stylizing their figure , gird their waist, lift the bust and buttocks used these garments on a daily basis, the materials that were generally used were pieces of wool and leather hardened by various methods.

However, it is known that the first garments related to girdles as we know them today, come from ancient civilizations called Mykonos or Creck, and that later in the 16th century they became popular, thanks to an influential, millionaire and powerful family with the surname Medicci, who lived at the time of the Renaissance in Florence, Italy.

Already later, at the height of the Industrial Revolution, a process of transformation and evolution of the girdles was carried out, and they began to be made of elastic fabrics, usually fastened with hook closures, which gave women more comfort, due to because they were previously made through rods that were very uncomfortable.

This is how, for centuries, women have used girdles as a very special tool that has allowed them to wear very tight dresses to the body that makes them highlight their figures and look slimmer.

But, these garments have been evolving, since between the years 1920 to 1960, they were made in a rigid way, even the designers of those times resorted to their use to present their collections in models with «wasp waists» and dresses with voluminous skirts, which caused a beautiful effect for the time.

After the 1960s, the girdle underwent another change, and that is that they were made with accessories such as pantyhose, made with elastic and thick tape to cover not only the waist but also the upper part of the legs, thus causing a overall visual effect of the figure.

In this way, girdles as garments used to shape the figure and make them look slimmer, have been evolving little by little, until today they are one of the tools mostly used by women and men, in order to hide those kilos of weight. more, to go to the gym, or to show off this dress that no longer closes and requires an artifice to be able to use it, making that miracle that otherwise would not happen. They are those faithful friends who get women out of trouble, but who must be careful not to overuse it, due to the contraindications that exist in this regard.

Likewise, the designs have also been changing to offer a range of models in different materials, which not only cover the waist, but also the lower part of the abdomen, in order to achieve a more complete shaping of the figure.

It is also important to highlight that in recent years the exclusive use of girdles to highlight the figure and look slimmer has been replaced by a less frivolous concept, due to the fact that models have been developed to be used in medical treatments, which include the correction of postures, post-surgical and therapeutic.

In this context, we must suggest to the women who read us that they become aware of the correct use of girdles, since as well as other beauty resources or tools; for example; the abuse of dyes that can cause hair loss, the excess of very high heels that cause pain in the back, legs and feet, very tight girdles and prolonged use can cause ailments and affect some parts of the body.

For these reasons, and considering the importance of the topic, below we are going to explain the advantages and disadvantages of wearing girdles, as well as how they should be used correctly to avoid these conditions.

One of the aspects that must be taken into consideration is the fact that the shaping girdles that cause the visual effect of greater slenderness and beauty of the figure, do not serve to achieve weight loss as many people believe; since its only objective is the improvement of posture and shaping of the figure.

At this point, it is important to mention an investigation carried out at the Mayo Clinic, in which the conclusion was reached that moderation in its use is the key to girdles is moderation, because they do not produce sustainable results in the weather. Considering these statements, we are going to explain below the advantages and disadvantages of wearing girdles for a long time.

It should be noted that apart from showing off slimmer figures, one of the main advantages of using girdles is their contribution to deep tissue healing processes, after surgical procedures such as abdominoplasty or liposculpture have been performed; for which they are used according to the recommendations of the doctors, for a certain period of approximately one month, so it should not be prolonged too long, because complications may occur later.

On the other hand, these molding girdles, which are special for this type of case, facilitate the adherence of the tissues and the reabsorption of inflammatory and post-surgical liquids, avoiding abdominal distention and flaccidity, thus contributing to the reaffirmation of the skin.

From the point of view of beauty, shapewear is beneficial on occasions such as parties, meetings and/or occasions when you need to look splendid, so this garment will help you lift your bust, hide those rolls or extra kilos. , also reducing the abdomen, which is a latent concern of most women; especially when the model of the outfit that will be worn requires an abdomen that is as flat as possible.

Now, just as we talked about the advantages, we must describe the disadvantages of prolonged use of these garments; since a body exposed to very strong adjustments can suffer from respiratory diseases, constipation and weakening of the muscles.

Another disadvantage of prolonged use of girdles is that the pressure of the girdle around the waist is prone to causing a gradual increase in gastric reflux and causes constant heartburn, which in turn can cause other major problems. associated with the digestive system.

On the other hand, if the person suffers from gastrointestinal problems, irritable bowel or food intolerance, the level of constriction of the girdle for a prolonged time, can worsen their situation, and if the garment causes a very high pressure, it can cause a a condition called meralgia paresthetica, which occurs in the nerves of the thighs, manifesting through numbness and tingling, as well as burning pains on the outside of the thigh, which over time can make it difficult for the person to move .

Another disadvantage of prolonged use of these shapewear is that they tend to worsen the appearance of varicose veins, which for most women is uncomfortable, painful and negative for appearance; thus causing an example contrary to what every woman wants, as she is to look splendid, then it is advisable to regulate the use of these garments, placing them only on very special occasions and not very often. They do not believe that it is better to follow a proper diet, exercise and not expose their bodies to harmful and unhealthy effects.

If your girdle is made of synthetic fabric, it can cause a rash or even an infection. From what we have exposed, it is obvious that the disadvantages are more than the advantages, and we continue to state them. For example, the elastic fabrics with which shapewear are made generally trap moisture, so the sweat produced by wearing them for prolonged periods could cause skin infections and abscesses. in addition to the fact that the abdominal muscles have very little activity and therefore lose their elasticity.

Likewise, the intra-abdominal pressure of these shaping girdles could cause incontinence problems, causing in turn compression of the nerves that cause very strong pain and the appearance of a condition called «tight pants syndrome».

Another example that we must highlight is that of the tight girdles that are used to attend the gym, which are used with the purpose of burning fat in the abdomen, through exercise routines and complemented with an adequate diet, which can bring very satisfactory results. However, great care must be taken, because when training with this type of girdle, inappropriate postures can be acquired that cause pain, discomfort and muscle weakness.

Therefore, it is not about not using the girdles that help us so much to obtain that image that we want, but about not tightening them so much, since it is preferable to achieve the effect halfway, than to later suffer from ailments and conditions that could put health at risk; It is better to look a little plumper and be healthy than to look slimmer but with ailments. On the other hand, the frequency in the use of girdles is decisive, because if you use them daily you could be doing irreparable damage to your body. So think very carefully when using this type of artifice to look more beautiful.