Your actions have reaction; it is what you do, where you do it and how you do it, the way you deal with it and how you assimilate it. We all come into this world with a mission, the mission to give and receive, and that is to face the consequences. Karma, which you usually carry like a change on your shoulders, is not always negative, because the good deeds you offer to others become positive deeds.

You get what you give. Not every day you have the certainty of getting up on the wrong foot and hurling insults at everyone who crosses your path, not everyone is to blame for your bad streak or the circumstances that lead you to feel bad. If you go through life with a karma, disown it, don’t see it or understand it as a boomerang.

It is full of peace, it shelters you with its light, it guides you, it has very high vibrations, ideal for use in meditations, it covers and protects the space with its great light, and it establishes channels for communication to flow between the worlds. This is Petalite, a precious mineral that, with its subtle force, transports you, taking you as if on a journey, along paths unknown to the mind.

Its excellent vibration allows you to develop your higher abilities, such as clairvoyance, telepathy and empathy. A New Age mineral, with angelic connections, opens you to cosmic consciousness; and since it is shamanic, it transports you to a spiritual dimension.

Nature surprises us at every moment, providing us with sources and benefits, which we must cling to in order to live in perfect harmony; and grateful to mother earth. Stones and minerals are the wonderful result of all creation, providing benefits and protection.

Its energy source releases negative karmas, cleanses your mind and aura; it could be said that it is a magic stone. Petalite shares its formation with stones: lepidolite, quartz, albite, microline and tourmaline; one could say, that they are from the same family. His discovery originated on the island of Haninge, Sweden; its name derives from the Greek “Pelalon” which means leaf; they lie in granite-type pegmatite rocks, which contain lithium.

For astrology, it has an affinity with the signs of Cancer, Virgo, Aquarius, Aries and Leo. It allows them to achieve emotional stability, protects them from unbalanced energies, opens character, strengthens responsibility, attracts memories of past lives, giving space to the analysis of karmic processes.

It is a mineral with surprising powers, and its qualities attract the interest of people who have the gift of clairvoyance, and those who do not, learn to develop it to enter that unknown world of beings from beyond.

Make the universe flow positively in your mind, drag towards you all the positive that emanates from nature, evaluate your actions and free yourself from negative karmas, let the Petalite do its job.