Gemini women are jealous and possessive?

The Gemini woman knows that it can be difficult not to cheat on her partner, but she still fully trusts the person she is in love with.

If she gets jealous, she has no problem admitting it and asking her partner to reassure her. A Gemini woman knows how to be quiet, but she will get jealous from time to time just because she can.

Being a dual sign, the Gemini native can confuse people with her moods. The woman of this sign especially likes to be loved and to be the center of attention.

In a relationship you need all this, plus imagination. You have to stimulate the Gemini woman both intellectually and physically if you want to be with her for a long time. It is impossible to predict her feelings, as she can fall in and out of love very easily.

You will never see a Gemini woman be completely loyal in her entire life. He would say he wants you more to be in control of the relationship. It is possible for a Gemini woman to become jealous and possessive in a relationship.

Although she is tough on the outside and at the same time kind and sensitive, the Gemini woman is very vulnerable on the inside. She is scared of the idea of ​​having deep emotions and she can become chaotic when life is hard.

When he finds himself in a difficult situation, he retreats to some place in the back of his mind and starts doing things almost like a robot. These are the times when you most need a partner.

Although not everyone is aware of it, the Gemini woman is very jealous, especially if things in her relationship do not go her way.

He is capable of turning a relationship into a friendship and will not hesitate to do so if things no longer work out. She gets jealous because she doesn’t want to get hurt after opening up to the couple.

It can also be that things are really good when, in a relationship with her, she becomes jealous. But never try to tell her what she has to do.

He also does not like people in need, or those who try to take away his freedom. She will not be jealous for no reason and will always trust that you are faithful to her.

Just like any other woman, it is normal for the Gemini woman to also feel a little jealous. But she will rarely have this feeling, and only if she has reason.

He likes to be free and hopes that his partner understands this side of him. Since he likes to flirt a bit, he won’t mind if you smile at someone in a meeting.

Don’t forget that Geminis are masters of flirting.

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