Gemini is an air sign while Cancer is a water sign. At first glance they seem to be antagonistic so a love relationship between them would be almost impossible, since their goals and methods to achieve them are often very different from each other. However, some astrologers claim that opposite signs attract each other and that attraction to the opposite can cause them to complement each other.

For this relationship to work, it is necessary that both signs are aware of their differences in the way of being and respect each other. Cancer is sensitive and emotional, their emotions govern their actions which often determine their thoughts and actions; while Gemini is characterized by being very thoughtful, acting mainly with the head and not with the emotions.

Likewise, Cancer, being extremely sentimental and emotional, is usually very temperamental, something that Gemini has a hard time understanding. Another differentiating factor is that Cancer is very homely, being the opposite of Geminis who love to go out, parties and have many guests or share with many people.

It is necessary that both understand these initial differences since, They are the ones that will define the course of the relationship.. It is vitally important that neither try to change the other, because it could be considered disrespectful and instead of moving forward as a couple, it ends up causing a setback or a breakup.

Establishing a solid and formal relationship can be quite an uphill battle, since for Gemini it is very difficult to get emotionally involved with someone, while Cancer needs that stability. Additionally, by giving priority to feelings, Cancer needs to feel that he has the heart of his partner; and Gemini needs a more rational connection, inclined towards the intellect. Another way to approach the Gemini is with a social relationship in which he doesn’t feel like he’s being cornered into defining his emotions.

Once they are established as a formal couple, they could face another difficulty, which is linked to the economic issue because for Cancer it is necessary to have economic stability and sustainability, but for the Gemini this is something of little importance. Home, maturity and tranquility are vital factors for Cancers, so it is necessary for them to feel safe so that they can move forward in a relationship without their fears and insecurities surfacing.

Although these characteristics are not precise nor are they boxed as an absolute truth, it is always necessary to know about those traits that we have inherent to our sun sign, in order to work on what we wantunderstanding our strengths and weaknesses as an individual, since only then can we commit to a relationship.