Did you know that garnet is january birthstoneWell, if you are of the sign of Capricorn or Aquarius, this is the gem that represents you, and that in ancient times they were called warrior stones, because it was believed that they protected the warrior men who went out into the open. battlefield, as well as protecting them against poison.

The term garnet comes from the Latin «granatus», which is the reference of the Latin word «pomegranate».”, a fruit that has dark red seeds; which closely resemble these gemstones, associated with protection. This term, in the England of the fourteenth century, was also related to the word «gemet», whose meaning is «dark red», associated with the current English term «garnet», which represents the birthstone of the month of January.

On the other hand, garnet is associated with success, as it is believed that it favors the conditions to achieve itimproving the quality of life of the people who own it, even more so when it comes to the precious stone that represents it for being born in the month of January.

Likewise, This stone helps the wearer to focus on their efforts; to pay attention to projects and activities that are being developed, in order to find the way towards the achievement of its objectives and goals; which is an important step to achieve success; in fact, the people of the sign of Capricorn, which cover almost the entire month of January, until the 19th, are characterized by being constant, concentrated and balanced.

In this way, regardless of whether or not people were born in the month of January, this particular property of garnet makes it one of the favorites by businessmen and merchants, because it promotes success in business; so it is customary to place several on the desk or tables, to improve transactions and sales.

Also it is recommended to use them as amulets or talismans, placing several of these stones in small red or orange bags, in order to attract abundance and success to the people who own commercial premises, so that they always carry them with them. If you need to travel to make some purchases or sales for your business, it is recommended that you take an amulet with these stones, which activate your energy to protect you during the trip and facilitate the development of negotiations, so that you can be successful in everything. to undertake

Likewise, garnet is usually associated with the tradition of celebrating the second year of marriage; because its red color symbolizes romance, a characteristic that makes it conducive to giving it on Valentine’s Day, when rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and bangles made with these beautiful stones are in great demand.

Furthermore, garnet is not only the birthstone for January, but also it is a stone that symbolizes truth, purity, love and compassion; values ​​that give it a spiritual meaning of great importance for people who believe in the energy that stones possess.

But, all these beliefs come from ancient times, when stories and legends were common, which explained the use of precious stones as a symbol in certain life situations of those times. Hence, what in ancient times it was said that these gems facilitated night vision, because they emit their own light; It is even explained in the Talmud that the only source of light in Noah’s Ark was a large garnet; which gives it significant importance on a spiritual level.

A curious fact about this gem, is that According to Hebrew tradition, it is considered one of the 12 gems that adorned Aaron’s breastplate.; while in Greek mythology, it is said that Hades, the God of the Underworld, freed Persephone, Goddess of spring; after having kidnapped her from her, offering her pomegranate seeds; her if she promised him that she would come back to him. This fruit is associated with both rubies and garnet, which it was frequently used to represent between couples or lovers, commitment and fidelity .

Travelers also attributed fabulous powers to the garnet; as, according to them, these precious stones protected them against the nightmares that they often sufferedand when they undertook trips, they felt protected against accidents, if they carried with them such a gem.

All this symbolism of garnet as a birthstone for the month of January means that those born in this month are protected, very successful, and are associated with truth, loyalty, love, commitment, fidelity. and friendship, values ​​that stand out above all in the sign of Capricorn, which occupies almost every day of the month of January, from 01 to 19, while the sign of Aquarius corresponds to the days of 20 to 31 of this month.