France has insulting territories throughout the planet, the Caribbean Sea is no exception and there are four islands in the Lesser Antilles that are dependent on France and without a doubt are worth knowing since they have beautiful landscapes and natural beauties typical of the Caribbean, adapting to the laws and luxuries of France.

The first Island that we will visit is San Martín, which in its northern part belongs to the Netherlands and the southern part to France, therefore there are those who affirm that this territory maintains two personalities full of charm. The greatest attraction of this territory is the view that precedes the runway of its international airport, where the cameras capture the imposing arrival of the planes that pass overhead. For cruise ships that run through the Caribbean Sea, this destination is a mandatory stop since it is considered one of the most glamorous, exclusive and expensive in the entire Caribbean.

This Island has a lot of nightlife, a shopping center and a cosmopolitan city atmosphere 365 days a year. One of the most expensive things to do on the Island is paying for lodging, for this reason it becomes an ideal destination for those who only visit it for a few hours due to the stop of their cruise. Among the various plans that exist is the excursion in the Rhino Safari, which is carried out in a fleet of inflatable boats that are piloted by oneself, without this meriting any risk or difficulty. You can also snorkel or enjoy the tranquility of some lonely beach of the Island.

The second French Island that we will visit on our tour of the Lesser Antilles of the Caribbean is Guadeloupe, which is considered one of the most developed in the entire region. This particular island is shaped like a butterfly and its tourist attraction is due to its spectacular waterfalls and the beauty of its beaches, which are widely used for various water sports. The best time to visit this Island is from December to May, since the weather will be quite pleasant, with warm temperatures consistent with a beach vacation climate.

We will continue our tour in Martinique which is mountainous and with a volcanic origin that represents a great attraction for tourists who decide to visit this town. On previous occasions, different areas of the island have been affected by the eruption of volcanoes, which has caused thousands of deaths. The main crops of this Island are sugar cane, bananas and various exotic flowers, for example orchids and lilacs. The Tour de France is celebrated annually in this department, which concentrates millions of international gazes on the Island, thus generating a lot of curiosity about it.

The last French Island located in the Caribbean Sea is Saint Barthélemy, which has been cataloged by many as the favorite destination of the rich and famous due to its exclusivity and particular natural beauty. On this luxurious small island you can find hundreds of villas for rest and retirement for the wealthiest, a great gastronomic variety, many beaches that adapt to all tastes and of course, hundreds of plans to enjoy during the day.