The mighty Niagara Falls are a group of waterfalls that are located 236 meters above sea level, having a free fall of 64 meters. Divided into the Canadian Falls, the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls, this encounter with nature is preserved as one of the great tourist wonders that the United States and Canada have, as it is located right on their border limit.

The word Niagara comes from the Iroquois word that means «thunder of water». The first inhabitants were the Ongiara tribe, who with the arrival of the conquerors and explorers became mediators between those from the old world and the other native tribes.

The flow of Niagara Falls feeds into the Great Lakes, five huge bodies of fresh water considered the largest in the world, with an area of ​​244,160 square kilometers. In addition to the falls, this natural point has the formation of an island, called ‘Goat Island’.

Located in the middle of the Niagara River, ‘Goat Island’ is a small, uninhabited island that remains a natural dividing point between the United States and Canada. Hundreds of people head towards ‘Goat Island’ as it offers the most spectacular views of the enormous flow.

To get there, you must cross two bridges on foot, by car, or even there is a train that has a ride to the wonderful adventure. Next to the view, ‘Goat Island’ allows hiking by having a wooded vegetation. On the other hand, an elevator was arranged in it to have access to the foot of the falls and to the so-called Cave of the Winds.

The tourist aggregate that the mighty Niagara Falls have joins the energy potential that the first European settlers discovered in them. The first recorded effort dates back to 1759, when Daniel Joncairs took advantage of a canal in the falls to power his sawmill. With subsequent industrial development, the power of the falls was slowly extended, until today, Niagara Falls represent an important source of energy, which supports Canada and the United States, its powerful current being diverted to the hydroelectric plants ‘Robert Moses Niagara Hydroelectric Power Station’ in the United States, and ‘Sir Adam Beck Hydroelectric Power Station’ in Canada.

The tour of the mighty Niagara Falls leads visitors, from the American point to the cave of the Winds and the fall of the Bridal Veil. It will feature guided walks through each of the powerful currents. On the Canadian side, the walk through Queen Victoria Park offers huge platforms to enjoy a unique view, along with the highest observation points, such as the ‘Skylon’ Tower and the ‘Konica Minolta Tower’, as well as observatories that produce the illusion of being under the mighty Niagara Falls.