Block negative energies, ward off bad omens, discard adverse thoughts, get rid of malicious actions, provide security and courage, are qualities that make fire agate the perfect protective shield against adversity and negativity.

The fire agate belongs to the quartz family, it is a stone that presents that majesty of tones that go from yellow, orange and red and some even have greenish flashes that give it that appearance of a burning flame inside, of hence its name that emphasizes its interesting features. This charming gem is found in Mexico and the United States.

This stone is considered in the spiritual world an essential gem because it stimulates courage, unraveling the fears that exist in the depths of being; In addition, it is a channeler of negative energies, rejecting all the bad that manifests itself and being able to have the power to return bad intentions.

Likewise, this stone has the astral virtue of activating the energy centers that are appeased or misaligned, thus fulfilling an energy-enhancing function, revitalizing the aura and preventing it from dissipating from the body or becoming blocked.

In the same way, fire agate activates the energy centers of the body, injecting strength into people and helping them to get rid of those situations that do not allow them to advance and destroy them, such as addictions. In addition, it is useful for meditation, strengthening spiritual life, linking harmoniously with the universe.

As for the emotions, this wonderful crystal stimulates self-confidence, causing greater courage to move forward and demonstrate their potential, thus attracting mental well-being and happiness. It also conquers love and, being linked to the energy centers, fire agate stimulates sexuality, favoring relationships.

Among its healing properties on a physical level, its power to relieve disorders in the digestive, lymphatic, nervous and endocrine systems stands out. Likewise, it is linked to the improvement of visual abilities, helps to lower body temperatures and relieve fatigue.

Fire agate stimulates reading, writing and oral expression, and being a crystal characterized by releasing fears, it promotes good development in communications and public speaking, thus achieving greater satisfaction and personal improvement.

Astrologically, this magical stone has an affinity with the signs Aries, Cancer and Leo. These elements of the zodiac have a special vibration with fire agate, because they are energetic, brave and full of courage.

Fire agate, being so linked to the Earth and the fire element, has that great power to inject courage and vitality into people, protect them against evil, keep vices away from their lives, give them confidence, remove fears; which makes it a valuable gem with innumerable curative, healing and protective qualities, providing those who wear it with the necessary security to face day to day with a firm step.